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  1. i am thinking trying airsoft at my local places, in this marpat desert what rifle, think a sf look tho??

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    2. armysurplusandtoys


      ok but what accessories??

    3. Nickona


      Surefire, PEQ-15, and foregrip for the front.. as for sight you have a choice! Eotech, Aimpoint, ACOG or a Eclan

    4. armysurplusandtoys


      i am not a surefire fan, i have been using the ledwave trooper xp-1 and its power is awesome great dazzleability is perfect :) and a fore grip is great for urban but i find it gets in the way when in the open. the peq-15 never been a fan of the look red dot is great but unless they are on full time i think it slows the snap shots down, and if its on constant just gives your position away. I found this while hunting (game). But yes if you want the look defo those are the right accessories. :)...

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