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    Walther PPK & P99 with suppressor, SIG-Sauer P228
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    Military history, 40K, sci-fi, battlefield 3, politics, painting & art (I'm an occasional artist)

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  1. Just arrived back to find a very nice G36C waiting for me on my doorstep.

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    2. The Leprechaun!

      The Leprechaun!

      "To be honest, I've decided that my armoury is full (for now). Although I'd like a few other things, I've realised that there's no point. No new purchases until something old goes." But bro, what about you buying my M4? ;)


      Sounds good man, can't wait to see it! :D (Also, need to sort out training for HALO MILL!!)

    3. Hubert


      Hahaha, I'm sure I'll find room for the M4 mate ;)

      Aye, need to get the training sorted. Hell, could even use the G36 and pretend to be Plod whilst training with them! :P

    4. The Leprechaun!

      The Leprechaun!

      Haha don't worry i was only joking :) And aye definitely, haha sounds like a plan! wanna do it on here of pm me on fb?

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