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  1. was going to get a 140cc pit bike but was told it would cost an extra £90 to get it delivered to the highlands even though we are still part of the mainland and have good roads. Its not like i live on the freaking isle of skye!!!!

    1. rexfan10


      wouldnt even deliver to one of their TNT depots in Inverness which is a city with a population of over 50,000!

    2. GiantKiwi


      50,000? the town my parent's live in is bigger than that, calling it a city is a bit ridiculous - but even so, i've had tnt deliver to my mooring in Seil, so probably just an ill informed employee who is in correspondence with you


    3. armysurplusandtoys


      I really do understand your frustration, as i send parcels all over the UK i always hate it when it comes to scotland addresses (but i love visiting scotland). I always call the customer as this is my dilema i always try to send the goods first class but this is the issue with first class you are only insured up to about £40 so if you order a value (at trade cost ie cost to you the sender). If you then send it with the courier say parcel force they then charge you £15 ish are you be...

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