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  1. Well that’s it G&G on the way. Thanks guys for you help, advice and opinions can’t wait to get out and try it. Now to look for attachments.
  2. Thanks for the help and advice guys it’s much appreciated. I’m glad you said that I like G&G guns just a bit gutted as I was chatting to a chap about buying his but he’s not got back to me in a few days. So going to have to hunt for another one.
  3. Hi guys As the title say I’m currently looking at these two guns and was winding what your opinions are with them. Is it worth getting one of these (my first gun) or is there something similar but better I would go for? Thanks for for your help in advance
  4. I know that’s what I thought. Cant wait to get out there again.
  5. Cool thank you for all your help. I did message my local police force to find out what I need to do to be able to buy a gun but they had never heard of an Airsoft gun and didn’t know what I needed to do. It didn’t fill me with confidence.
  6. So to get a defence I have to be a member of a site and attend 3 times in 2 months?
  7. Ok I will do thank you for your help. I look forward to meeting guys down this end of the woods.
  8. Hi everyone, I just had my first skirmish last week and was immediately hooked! I’m completely new to all of this and have loads to learn by the looks of it. I’m looking forward to chatting to you guys and hopefully having a skirmish with some of you. Are there any any of you guys near Plymouth? Also if so do you know anywhere around this area where I could go and possibly look at guns, once I have the relevant licenses needed to get one? many thanks
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