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    Systema M4 CQBR (2011 MAX II with tac's mods), magpul M4, KJ GBB M4 CQB, KJ sig P226, MP5 (broken).
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    UK stuff (SF, SFSG, MTP). Got a set of genuine US Marine marpat kit for shits and giggles though.
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    As many as possible in the SW! Who's with me?
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    Portsmouth, UK.
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    Midget tossing. Stoat appreciation. Beer swilling. Xbox.

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  1. I love the military. On leave for a month and I'm still being paid for it. Get in!

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    2. Lickystrike64


      One of the benefits of doing a summer Herrick tour.

    3. TheFull9


      I really can't wait to go away again, you save up so much leave and cash it's brilliant.

    4. Lickystrike64


      My leave card on JPA says 22 days STILL left to take between mid jan and march. Cash wise, I saved about 10K (including tour bonus), but I've blown most of that on stuff for the house, and a few other bits.

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