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  1. hmmm... Combat South or somewhere else tomorrow?

  2. I love the military. On leave for a month and I'm still being paid for it. Get in!

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    2. Lickystrike64


      One of the benefits of doing a summer Herrick tour.

    3. TheFull9


      I really can't wait to go away again, you save up so much leave and cash it's brilliant.

    4. Lickystrike64


      My leave card on JPA says 22 days STILL left to take between mid jan and march. Cash wise, I saved about 10K (including tour bonus), but I've blown most of that on stuff for the house, and a few other bits.

  3. Why does time go quicker on leave? it sucks

    1. TheFull9


      The good thing (I find) is that before you know it you're on leave again, or the next weekend has rolled around. Gotta stay busy, that's the key.

  4. First day back at work was crap as usual.

  5. Wibble

    1. Grounded_Pilot


      "Go on Baldrick, ask me anything"!

  6. I know, mate, and it's an admirable trait. Never lose it.
  7. Yeah no probs. but as I've said, someone more experienced can do better. They probably have better things to do though. Although, having said that, it's got me thinking... I might have a crack myself later...
  8. No probs. happy to help, my advice would be to either not bother as Airsoft is all about having fun and meeting new people, and shooting them with plastic BBs. Or, get someone more experienced to write it if you're adamant you want to have a guide like this. Your age and inexperience shows through and your terminology suggests you've read too many books and watched too many movies.
  9. No! Please stop assuming, mate. I'm not Commando trained. It's also 29 Commando regiment, RA. Not 2CDO. To elaborate, every artillery gun regiment has FSTs, weather this is at the troop level (platoon sized) as part of a gun battery or a TAC battery that is made up of purely FSTs, or both. You don't need to be commando or para trained to be a forward observer. It's a good job if you don't mind playing IED roulette with the infantry. Anyway, to get back on track, your guide needs work.
  10. I'm artillery. I'm a forward observer. We're organised into teams called fire support teams (FSTs for short), we get attached to all sorts of units from infantry to armoured units (at coy/sqn level) and provide joint fires and ISTAR support. It's a busy and dangerous job.
  11. Yeah I know how SF operate, I worked with them a few times on Herrick over summer. Again, it's not bad but it isn't exactly amazing either.
  12. Figured as much. It's not the most accurate of guides, what the hell's an "operative"? but its only Airsoft....
  13. Work on Monday. Bugger.

  14. Not bad. You ever served, Panther?
  15. MacBook Pro or new Systema...?

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    2. alwaysontheoffensive


      sytema, sod macbook, get a thinkpad anyway, they run windows and are a generally better laptops

    3. Tariq


      Imagine the amount of decent kit you could get if you got neither !

    4. Lickystrike64


      Got loads of that already

  16. Thought so. I'm just a ten minute walk away too. Sweet!
  17. Bone question time, but is this the same USMC PRO shop in Pompey?
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