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  1. Tax reclaim soon......... reallyyyyyyyy tempted to finally get the ashbury from ASG?????

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    2. M_P


      If you can afford it and not worry about any potential loss then id go for it, but just be aware that with upgrades to make it worth using, a decent scope and bipod (its very heavy, I'd almost class this as a necessity) and spare mags, it will be over a grand.


      As for part compatibility, you'll probably have to go for full vfc. Pdi cylinders won't fit, neither will the v trigger. Not sure about laylax however, if you're going for this I'd go straight past aspuk...

    3. Silent7Sniper7


      It actually already has a 90° zero trigger fitted & the gun with a decent scope, bipod, silencer & mag is just under £700, not sure what the cylinder etc is like but it has 350fps out the box so thats perfect for one of my sites. Because it will have a silencer my plan is to get an even longer inner barrel & new hopup etc

    4. M_P


      Yes but the trigger isn't strong enough for high fps' still unfortunately.

      350fps in a sniper rifle is way too low, there's no point in using it if its so down on power. I wouldn't bother width a longer barrel, just use the same length but get a better quality barrel. The hop up is proprietary but takes a vsr rubber and barrel so you can't swap that out.

      To get it at a usable power it'll need a new cylinder and contents and the upgraded trigger set too

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