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  1. I'm off to my first full night game this wednesday anyone got any advice or tips for me?

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    2. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      It works really well, even better if you have a team mate who's co-operating with you while you do it.

      At the NAE, there would be barricades, one of use would shine a torch over one side of it, then everyone else would fire from the other side and other areas around.

      The torch acted as more of a spotter kinda thing though. Think we won nearly every game apart from one when the enemies all had expensive night vision and the marshalls messed up - they started behind us :L

    3. Chippins


      Travel light, the less you rustle the better. If your site allows stealth/melee Kills use them as much to your advantage as possible, and as mentioned above get dark adapted ASAP.


      Lasers and tac. lights look cool as sh*t but more often than not if you turn one one you get lit up by every player within a half mile radius Hope this helps and have fun, night games are awesome!

    4. TacMaster


      If you've got any kit that clinks, tape it down. Night attacks i've been in on blank firing excersizes have failed so many times because of idiots who put their mess tins loosley in their webbing

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