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  1. I tried buying another mosfet today, sadly from our favorite forum, and the guy i dealt with was a complete c***, he was so fricking rude and told me "if you can buy it brand new for that, f*ck off and buy it new then?". It was so out of order and uncalled for, f*cking dick.

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    2. CaptainDumbass


      Ill use it to wipe your blood off my hands in a minute ;)


      Jokes aside, im not really upset, more shocked at how rude and uncalled for it was, i simply asked if i could buy it off him for £5 cheaper as the price he had was the same as what it was brand new online and he tells me to f*ck off? You wouldnt do that if you were running a business or selling something face to face, you wouldnt get a single customer.

    3. Dan_W


      What a d*ckhead. I've had one dealing with a person from the same forum, took two and a half weeks for a battery to arrive. A few days before it arrived he asked for my address again. It's bad enough but what really rubs salt into the wounds was that I sent him a trigger spring for FREE, I even paid postage.

    4. Tariq


      I've that attitude from an actual airsoft shop (Swindon). The amount of people selling stuff with 0 people skills amuses me.

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