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  1. Those new ICS Grenades look like the best thing to happen to airsoft since the invention of the AEG, bye bye money.... if they're ever legally available in the UK....

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    2. two_zero


      Smokes be epic, blanks... why not? bfgs are legal. as for nerfs, I never understood the point one one shot launchers.. I mean, hes "dead" from 1 hit with a 6mm.. why would you want to shoot a nerf that you need to reload after 1 / 6 shots??

    3. Tariq


      ^ a couple of sites hand out nerf launchers to destroy in game vehicles. It is also a good way for people to take their hits :P

    4. two_zero


      Cant honestly say that I have ever had any problems with non hit takers.. neither do I see how a nerf would help.. thou vehicles is a strong point! :)

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