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  1. Now it's shooting to the right massively, I've cleared the barrel lubed the gun and nothing, it still does it
  2. I use .25 bbs for my pistol
  3. Hey all, I have a we glock 17 and the hop does nothing. I turn it up nothing turn it down still nothing. Is there any upgrades for this pistol? New barrel, hop unit? Thanks Rob.
  4. My damn phone posted it before I could finish the post lol sorry
  5. Hey all, I was wondering if any of you would use a airsoft range for sorting out sights, scopes and guns or just to have a shoot Me and some mates have been talking about this and I wanted to see how many would use it? It would be in the Kent area and we would charge £5 to shoot for an hour, there would be a shop onsite. How many would use it??
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