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  1. Hi, does anyone know the bearing size of the CYMA CM.507? Thank you.
  2. TM27


    Thank you for the help
  3. TM27


    Does anyone know if the ETU ++ will work with it or not?
  4. TM27


    Ok thank you
  5. TM27


    Hi, does anyone know if the Perun hybrid mosfet will work in the army armament R85A2? Thank you
  6. I am going to get the hybrid as the trigger sensitivity was one of the main reasons I wanted it. Thank you for the help.
  7. I was planning on getting the perun hybrid mosfet. Will the mosfet make the ETU useless or can I have both at once?
  8. The stock inner barrel is 463mm, but an extra 6mm shouldn’t matter.
  9. I am looking to get the TR16 and I am planning to upgrade it for fun (no FPS limit) . At the moment I have decided on the ASG boost ultimate motor, maple leaf delayer hop up nub, maple leaf macaron 70 degree bucking, an M105 spring and the modify hybrid 6.03 precision barrel, 469mm. Is there anything that anyone else would do differently for this gun, my price limit is about £570.
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