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    We M4a1 gbbr, includes everything but the sight, it comes with 4 gas tight mags, barrel extender, carry handle and old style rail, upgrades included brand new hop up chamber , brand new nozzle, Lfs discs if wanted, new maple leaf auto bot, new ra tech stabilise nub and new crazy jet 375mm extends into suppressor £400 sight not included


    - GB

  2. Cheers bud, as always 👍
  3. Lovely I’ll give this a whirl, did you do this and still have the shims installed?
  4. Anyone know any issues in regards to bolt lock fix, tried the old AEG shin either side of the catch didn’t work though
  5. The mws is more of a snappier system, the we , vfc all kick harder
  6. Just thought I’d put it out there, new nozzle and hop up chamber, it’s all working now, plus tested on red gas well abbey red, kicks like a mule and cycles the bolt much better
  7. Yeah checked this, it moved , doesn’t return great I won’t like compared to my mws’s that said I took it apart snd the return spring still looks like it should
  8. Gonna check that trigger reset again, charger bolt, click trigger, pull the handle back and it chargers again so much be all good
  9. Haha.same here bud, well stumped, i lrddred a whole new hop unit too, just incase the original is knackered from previous jams, if its not them then its wither a trigger bolt or a whole new bolt carrier, baeicalt a new gun lol
  10. Its standard at the moment, in waiting for my new hop rubber and inner to arrive this week gone for a crazy jet and autobot myself
  11. Its a standard nozzle, no npas, ordered a new nozzle, going to try lfs dics , yeah thebnozzle does stick forward full mags, although with this trial and error im burning through gas lol
  12. Two old ones, and two brand new ones arrived last week, tested in both new gen and old
  13. Haha yeah all good rhere, stripped my mws bolts alot installing npas’s. no to the buffer spring, only because when i picked it up it did shoot i wonder of the nozzle is just not letting an gas in
  14. I stripped the nozzle completely today, just plastic and the spring it sits on plus the nozzle return spring
  15. Yeah checked the detent, was sotting slightly up, thread wise, wound back in, checked bolt nozzle guide, all good, Load up mags fire click gas all vents bolt forward postiob
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