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  1. Sometimes I wonder if we are too friendly & polite at times! Nonetheless, I’ve never met anyone I didn’t like...with the exception of my neighbor (who is finally moving out of the hood = yeehaw!!).
  2. Just out of curiosity, what would a brand new KWA KRISS Vector go for these days? I've been searching the WorldWideWeb and Redwolf had them listed for $2899 (currently OUT OF STOCK)...
  3. I happily stumbled upon this website forum while researching the TM MWS GBBR. I gotta say, I like what I’ve seen so far! I’ve been a long time member on ASC (Airsoft Canada) and it seems like our forums are slowly dying and no new content is being posted. I mostly collect and chair-soft from the comforts of my home nowadays and I have amassed quite an Airsoft armoury over the years. I used to game on a weekly basis with the locals from 06’-11’ but stopped ever since my son was born (he’s now 9 years old)! Those were the good ol’ days! Now I’m looking to get back into the groove of things and check out what’s new in the Airsoft world and its supporting communities...figured I’d start here for now! Thanks
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