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  1. Rustymp5

    MTP Load Out

    I’m interested in this if you still have it.??
  2. Thanks mate, I’ll keep an eye out for some for sure! went to my local airsoft shop yesterday & picked up US army trousers,look on point
  3. Thanks a lot for tips, its appreciated
  4. Thanks guys,Bought these two today as well as a pair of mechanix fingerless one from this forum!
  5. Lol I know,wasn’t many of us that turned up! I’ll hold off going for awhile now I think until it returns to normality,scary times! Yeah I’ll hold out until I get my ukara too..😁
  6. Played my first game yesterday & ive spent all day looking at airsoft stuff online..😆 I definitely need to buy gloves,can’t bend my little finger today! How can I post on the classifieds too?
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