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  1. b1sH b05H

    TM CQBR or DELTA 416?

    Ah man. I was so set on the CQBR ☹️ You guys make compelling arguments for the 416. I’m going to visit my local shop this weekend and have a feel for them both. Would you guys recommend the 340fps upgrades?
  2. b1sH b05H

    TM CQBR or DELTA 416?

    Cheers. Reckon I’ll end up with the CQBR. More compact
  3. b1sH b05H

    TM CQBR or DELTA 416?

    Hi everyone. Recently got into this sport and I’m looking to buy my first AEG. I’m settled on either the TM 416 Delta or the CQBR. Does anyone know if there’s any difference in range/fps between the two? Or is it minimal (if any)? Cheers.