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  1. Oh yeah, looks pretty good. My wife has restricted me to 3 hours of airsoft a month so I think I'm not going to invest any more money into it. Might just cut the padded interior off my Tigris mask.
  2. Haven't seen anything lower than the Tigris One mesh mask yet.
  3. Don't have a pistol, but I probably should have got one instead.
  4. Yeah it's a bit high, but once I put my face mask on it's not too bad. I might get a smaller one later. Edit: oh wow, more replies than I expected. I tried the red dot on top but it was just too high up. The 45 degree turn feels better, and I think it's accurate for the ranges I'll be using it at. I went with that in case I needed to switch to a 1x optic quickly while my main one was zoomed in, but also this 1-4 isn't truly 1x at its lowest. I'll probably keep the riser unmodified for now and just see how it goes when I play in couple weeks.
  5. The 1-4 is nice but definitely needed the riser which is heavier than I expected. The $15 red dot is a bit blurry and a bit hard to see when it's sunny, but I think it should do what I need it to. Looks a bit bulky but doesn't feel to bad after some adjustments. EDIT: Changed the mags to a side by side tape job with a plastic bottle cap to separate them.
  6. The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games is fantastic. I haven't finished all of them yet so no spoilers please.
  7. Airsoft can definitely translate to real world skills. Up until I played I never really thought about things like needing to switch shoulders for different corners, and whether or not my sling has enough slack in it to switch Not only that, but it can give you an idea of how tired you would get in a real engagement, how much noise you would make, how well you would actually be able to see an enemy, and how much room your weapon has when you maneuver and clear rooms. Sure a lot of these things can be learned through drills with real firearms too, but airsoft can be more than just a game. I plan on buying an AR15 soon and will probably get a single point sling for it now that I've got the feel of a single point sling with my airsoft M4.
  8. 2001 Infiniti QX4 She needs some fixing and prettying up but I've grown fond of it over the past year. It's also my first car.
  9. Yeah I've dropped probably about $300 on it now after purchasing $100 worth of optics, rails, mags and a spring last night.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll be sure to upload a photo once I get it all set up.
  11. Chocolate bars?? Well that would probably grab my attention to be honest. I figured I could make something close to this with a black deodorant can and some blue tape. Edit: 20190928_212632.mp4
  12. You guys ever use fake grenades to distract or make people clear a room? I taped up this instant coffee jar so I can give it a go. Do you think this could do the trick in the heat of battle? I'll probably put some text on it or something. I might make a better one later.
  13. At the field I went to it's outdoors with some buildings. Under 350fps you can fire point blank, 350-400 needs a 20ft engagement distance. Ny gun was just over 350 so I'm going to drop it down a bit so I don't have to worry about that bang bang or surrender crap when I move through a building. I ended purchasing that variable optic last night and also got some angled picatinny for a $15 red dot just in case I don't have time to adjust the zoom.
  14. That's a good idea. I think I'll slap this on on there. https://www.evike.com/products/32992/
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