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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 23 hours

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    Looking for one of these TMC panels, preferably multicam but willing to consider others. Thanks


  2. Time Left: 3 days and 22 hours

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    In need of a WE G17 Trigger bar, they're all out of stock in the UK it seems and I can't justify spending £35+ on a CowCow et Al when the WE ones are £8+Postage. If anyone has one I'd be greatful if you could message me many thanks


  3. Brilliant, thanks a lot for the link mate Much appreciated
  4. hey guys, I stripped my CA Mk22 some time ago, before other things took up my time, and I stupidly binned the cheapo plastic nozzle before measuring it for a replacement. I did buy an SHS 28.9mm SCAR type nozzle but given the lack lustre FPS, at 208, with an M100, I'm putting it down to the nozzle being too short, though i am replacing the piston head and cylinder head, just to rule them out. Anything much longer is ridiculously priced with flat rate shipping, around £15 in total. I don't suppose anyone has a spare nozzle, preferably with an O-Ring, around 3
  5. Hi, I've been teching my Dad's Specna Arms G36 and once finished with the gearbox I popped the gearbox back in the lower receiver part. Testing it in semi is fine, but full auto doesn't work. I know this isn't a cut off lever issue as its a brand new lever, and I'm certain its either the selector plate or fire selector switch. If I push and hold the fire selector as far as it will go full auto works fine, its only when I let go that the small amount of play in the switch slackens, thus lowering the cut off lever just enough for the sector gear to begin to catch it. Any
  6. Oh wow! Obviously I wasn't searching for the correct thing on Google 🤣 Thanks for giving me so many choices, might go for the European Seller as I imagine the shipping will be quicker given the ones from Hong Kong arrive between 5th August and 5th October aha Many thanks man
  7. Hi, does anyone know if ANYWHERE stocks a knock off of a CRYE LAP Panel? It's the type Obi Wan Nairobi had attached to his chest rig, quite fancy the "called to action on my way to the shops" operator look so trying to imitate his loadout on a budget. Unfortunately I can't be affording the 200$+ price tag for the real deal 🤣 Many thanks for any info:)
  8. Hi all, a little update. I went to a local airsoft store and took the rifle with me. They said with all the parts new, off the tops of their heads they couldn't pin point anything, but if I leave it with them its a charge of £40 and they may never get to the bottom of it, an electrical gremlin as they called it. So I decided to be a stubborn bastard and take a used V2 gearbox from them, as a last resort. Got home and swapped everything over to the used gearbox and IT ONLY GOD DAMN WORKS! I could only put it down to the stripped cut off lever scr
  9. Hi, okay, will try that this evening. But does that explain how changing the trigger contact position makes things worse? When I make them narrow with a 1mm or 2mm gap I only have to pull the trigger a little and the gearbox starts cycling full auto, as if the trigger hasn't pushed the trolley far enough in for the cut off lever to catch, but the electrical connection is made. I'm a novice as you can tell so apologies. Many thanks, I will try what you said and report back this evening
  10. Hi, I see, how would I go about checking it properly kicks the trolley? Pull the trigger and move the cut off lever? Many thanks
  11. Hi, the selector plate, spring and cut off lever are all new. The lever is a V2 one from AK2M4, identical to the original and moves as the selector plate moves, so I am assuming they are working correctly together. I changed the trigger trolley but not the contacts, that was going to be my next bit of troubleshooting. It seems to be the closer the contacts are together and slowly squeezing the trigger the more it fires full auto, the further apart, at a point where I'm having to really squeeze the trigger HARD, is when I can make a semi auto shot, there is no in-between...
  12. So i got this M15 second hand and with a day it had malfunctioned and the gun was firing in full auto on semi. As a complete novice at teching, I decided to give it a go. I replaced the cut off lever, piston head, nozzle, gears, shimmed the gear box and can disassemble and reassemble the gear box with ease now. I separated the trigger contacts a little and used a new trigger trolley and trigger. I fixed the problem, for a time, then it started again and no matter how the trigger contacts are positioned, the gun won't fire in semi. I
  13. Hi thanks for the help. The 21.4mm nozzle fits brilliantly with no feeding issues in semi or auto. Hopefully the little extra length creates a better air seal with the hop unit Many thanks guys
  14. HI guys, would any of you know how to disassemble the Ares stubby mags? They are not like other mags in that there is no hex screw on the bottom holding the units to the outer. There are however two tabs at the top, front and back, but even depressing both the unit wont shift. I feel if I were to prise it much further I could damage it. Any advice would be great Thanks and stay safe
  15. Hi, I'm doing my first bit of teching and upgrading. I'm working on a V2 gearbox inside an ASG Amralite M15. The cylinder and cylinder head had a very poor seal so I'm replacing the head and nozzle. The current plastic nozzle, measured with calipers, is 20.5mm though the replacement aluminium nozzle is 21.4mm. Is the 0.9mm difference likely to have any negative effect to loading the bb into the hop chamber? Many thanks 😊
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