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  1. Cheers guys! Hopefully within the next month or so I can start getting involved. 🙌
  2. I thought you have to play at a registered site 3 times to use your own guns? I'll probably rent for the first few games just so i know what loadout I should invest in and to get a feel for the game in general. I think the main thing for me is to buy the essential equipment first.
  3. What is the community like with new players? I don't want to be the noob who annoys everyone on my team! 😅
  4. Wow! Well its safe to say this reply has got me excited 😁
  5. Ooof that SCARH should be pretty sweet! I'll let you know if i'm ever planning to head up!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I may take you up on this offer 1 day, it sounds awesome. Hello!! Yeah i'm up for that! I need to buy some of the essentials first within the next week week or 2 then I should be ready to go.
  7. Thanks for the reply Johnny I appreciate it! Have you been to any of these sites before? if so which one would you recommend? if not no worries i'll scope them out and see what one looks best. EDIT: I see you have SWAT on your list of sites. 😅
  8. Hello Everyone! I've grown quite fond of the idea of getting into airsoft although i've never had the chance to play it, I have recently been watching a lot of Youtube videos and have decided to try my best to get involved. I have a rough idea how to get started but finding locations near to me is proving quite difficult there only seems to be 1 small location close to me in which I have spent a day paintballing in last year and it's probably the location I will try Airsoft for the first time. I'm going to be browsing through this site quite a lot to find everything I need to get involved in this awesome sport! This was me just introducing myself, hopefully i'll make a couple of connections on this site and we can one day meet up on the battlefield. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Localcaine.
  9. Really good topic, I'm looking to get into airsoft so this has really helped me with my first few questions.
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