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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      I thought you said we couldn't use Bazaar or Metro? :P


      I love turrets too, though I struggle in the C130 on hardcore, it's almost impossible to see anyone without thermal optics and because you need thermals to see, the cannon is always taken =[ My highest streak of 30 was done on Wake Island in the gunner seat of the Cobra/Viper though.

    3. SpecialForce


      yea all my other games were crap, just saying thats the best i could do today hehe my eyes r burnin! tbh i dont thing ive been in the gunship on hc b4..might give it a go. 30 is impressive! must have had a good pilot..one thing im not is a good pilot i crash 9/10 within the first mintue =(

    4. SpecialForce


      holy crap i think a fighter jet just flew over my house..it was loud and fast wtf

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