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  1. L85 lives! You stick your head out at 55m... Sucks to be you! Headshots all day. I'm hitting 2x4 inch targets at 22m with practically every shot. Configured my ACOG to compensate for about 2foot of drop too, so ultra long range shots are going to be a breeze, with the red dot set up for 25m - 55m. Anything under that I can just snap shot reactively. Next weekend ought to be fun! :P

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    2. geoffreym
    3. M_P


      Pretty sure the 249 one was out a while ago now. I believe they've done a v3 too.


      Where would you get the air from.in the UK out of interest?

    4. geoffreym


      I think you could buy just a basic/specialized air compressor, or ask you local "Heretics" (paintballers)

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