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  1. Yeah I guess that's one way to put it, I was thinking about it a while back when I got the email and was tempted just to pick one up for the simple fact that with work and uni I just can't be bothered to build my own. But I've always been on the fence, I don't mind Nov myself, pretty up beat and down to earth guy, but a lot of people don't like the business man in him. It always seems to be the gun which comes up when a new player is looking to snipe, always mixed reactions though! (I'm now newbie, I just haven't posted in a year or so haha)
  2. I asked this question in a different thread sniper thread, however it was super old so I'll repeat myself. Is the SSG24 actually a viable sniper at this point? I mean for the people not looking to go through the waiting and building of a gun from scratch. From my understanding a for a decent VSR you're looking at £450 minimum if not considerably more. You can pickup the SSG24 for £435 shipped from the European warehouse at this point. Obviously the VSR will out perform it, but for the price and without the hassle, is it really that bad of a buy now? Obviously some people have a bias against the gun as it's owned by Nov, but looking past the owner and just at the gun itself.
  3. I'm afraid with a budget off around £200 you're not going to achieve your desired result. With your budget you could get a decent foundation gun to build upon, however you will be spending a lot more on upgrades. I'll repeat what I was told when I asked the same question a little over a year ago, airsoft snipers take a lot of time and money before they can be called accurate. Sadly I still haven't picked up a sniper myself yet, but I'm sure there will be others who have great recommendations on where to start.
  4. Yet again resurrecting a dead thread, however I was just wondering has the opinion changed on the SSG24? Since now you can dodge the import tax and stuff, this gun by itself now costs around £435 shipped, obviously prices where changed slightly as they are now shipping from a European warehouse, but you're dodging the £100+ import.

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    Looking for a ICS-05 Mp5 SD, new or used. Plan on completely upgrading it and doing a full refurbish of the body.


  6. Seems dodgy to me, since they have exactly the same products, just lower costs and different stock. But the rest of the website is exactly the same other than created by "sprialsite" at the bottom.
  7. http://eagle6b.spiralsite.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/4117/s/et-1-lipo-battery-adapter-for-automatic-electric-pistol-series/ Things is, stuff seems cheaper and different stuff is in or out of stock
  8. What exactly is this site, it's like an exact replica of Eagle6b but an unsecured connection and obviously spiralsite at the end? Can't find anything about it on here or on their official website.
  9. Did you by chance get them from amazon? In theory you could just reverse the plugs in to you charger. But I think changing the pins around is probably a lot more reliable for the future. (And you charger should give off a warning if the pugs are in the wrong way round. I tested mine when I got it, just bleeps and wont allow charging to start, useful if you where clumsy I guess!
  10. That's great thanks, I know somebody who personally works on RC Heli/car, so I will be sourcing most of it directly from him. But I can definitely use this stuff for future reference so thanks for the information! Now it's just the case of fitting the actual mosfet into my gun.
  11. Ok, so generally as long as I've wired connects into the circuit the gun should be future proof anyways. last question, if I where to order from AK2M4 should I order anything else, like any additional parts which may be useful in the future. And should I go with the ACETECH ACEMOS or the ACETECH ACEMOS PLUS. I know they use different chips and was wondering if the ACETECH ACEMOS was the specific chip which I have to use for my intended application.
  12. If I could fit a mosfet into my stock and it was able able to connect and function correctly then I would mind that, since it would make it easier to replace or remove given that I put connects on all wires. Also wondering what mosfet Iceni would recommend from AK2m4 since they have a couple, and if the Xcoretech xet304u is better quality than AK2m4 mosfets or is it just a different brand? They both function the same way and contain almost identical components soooooo......
  13. The lipos that I use still allow for a fair amount of room in the stock itself, enough that I could probably fit another decent lipo at a squeeze. Was wondering if it’s unheard of to wire mosfets and them have them sit in a stock? I’ll give an example when I get home.
  14. Thanks for the advice, I was personally looking at some Gate mosfets. Also you mentioned about the soldering, the main reason I want one is because I’m running lipos in the TM AUG hc, do I just want to prolong the life of my gun basically.
  15. So after my last post I got a wide rage of reply’s in how to install a mosfet and the reason they are so important. ive now got all the connectors I need for a mosfet but I’m still wonder what mosfet to get. I want a decent mosfet which will last, I don’t parically want it to directly affect the ROS of the gun per-say. (Not looking for one of the £100 plus programmable mosfet, just something affordable and reliable). any recommendations would be appreciated.
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