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  1. ShirouAshiya

    7.4 LIPO in place of 8.4 NiMH

    Alright mate, thanks!
  2. ShirouAshiya

    7.4 LIPO in place of 8.4 NiMH

    So, from what I understand, is I'm basically just removing the end to the old connector, adding the mosfet in and fitting my required connector to the end of said mosfet cable. Then the mosfet will act somewhat like a voltage switch in the circuit?
  3. ShirouAshiya

    7.4 LIPO in place of 8.4 NiMH

    Thanks for the tips, I'm not the most experienced in this sort of thing, but I do know a few tech people, one who works on aircraft/Helis, cars and real guns. The other is an airsoft tech at my local shop, so I'll definitely look into it. Also I picked up 2 of the 1800 mah batteries because for one, they fit well, for two, there cheap and three, they have decent reviews everywhere I looked. I don't mind swapping the batteries out at lunch, that way I know for a fact I wont drain one.
  4. ShirouAshiya

    7.4 LIPO in place of 8.4 NiMH

    I just got my Marui (High Cycle) Steyr AUG, give it a few test runs. Works perfectly, feels great. No feeding issues, overall I'm very happy with the gun itself. Now for my question, the gun advises that you run a 8.4V mini NiMH battery, I'm currently running a 7.4V LIPO from hobby king instead. (Linked below) https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1800mah-2s-20-40c-lipo-airsoft-pack.html I've read in quite a few places that this is reasonably safe and shouldn't damage any internals of the gun, since from what I understand a 7.4V LIPO will give you a power similar or close to a 8.4v or 9.6v NiMH battery pack. Obviously, not being the most well equipped with battery knowledge I'd like some statements on this! (And yes I do know my safety when charging/discharging LIPOS and how to store them)
  5. I ended up just going with the TM 330 High-cap mag. Main reason for this was because for one, I know I wont have feed issues, two, there's not much difference compared to other mags if I compare rounds, and three, I have the freedom to be able to full auto or tap when I like.
  6. Found some MAG 170 mags on amazon but at £16 a mag I'm still better of getting the TM for capacity size vs £
  7. Well, statistic, the marui high-cap holds the same amount as 3 ASG mid caps and is the same price of 3 to. I think the most I've ever gotten though in half a game day was 1.5 High-cap mags.
  8. You recon it would be better to cash out on a TM high-cap then? Since Fire-support only have the 110 round ASG Mid-cap mags.
  9. Need some decent mags for the Marui (High Cycle) Steyr AUG Airsoft Gun AEG (Black), ordering from fire-support and pretty much only have the option between marui HI-cap/Mid-cap mags and ASG mags. Heard of feeding issues with the ASG Mags in the marui, anyone got knowledge of if this issue is actually true. Marui AEG Hi-Cap Magazine for AUG High Cycle (330 rnd) £28 Marui AEG Mid-Cap Magazine for Steyr AUG (80 rnd) £15 ASG Magazine for Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3 AEG (110 Round) £9 ASG Magazine Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3 45 Rounds. £16
  10. ShirouAshiya

    Opinions/help on a sniping setup

    Not completely re-dudent, I'm yet to buy my batteries as I've now settled on a primary. But, would this actually battery fit the marui G18C? https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-high-cycle-steyr-aug-airsoft-gun-aeg-black
  11. ShirouAshiya

    Recommendations on AEG's.

    Yeah, the AUG looks decent and I'd be happy working on it myself, just don't know what brand to go with now. My go to would be TM but don't know if anyone has other opinions on brand? (Since an ASG AUG is about £100 less). As I've also stated, I'm a woodland player so I'm not sure if this gun is even remotely suitable for my environment. Also got the debate between the (High Cycle) version and the Civilian AUG. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-steyr-aug-civilian-version-airsoft-gun-aeg https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-high-cycle-steyr-aug-airsoft-gun-aeg-black
  12. ShirouAshiya

    Recommendations on AEG's.

    Honestly I really like the look of a longer barrel, I’m not the most competitive person in the world. So visual is also a big part of it to.
  13. ShirouAshiya

    Recommendations on AEG's.

    I like the barrel length of AUG and I know that in terms of real guns, barrel length affects accuracy. NOT sure if it applied to airsoft. Next question is what batteries would I need for such gun? Im looking for nano-tech lipos but unsure on the required lipo for this gun, don’t want to under/over power it.
  14. ShirouAshiya

    Recommendations on AEG's.

    https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-steyr-aug-civilian-version-airsoft-gun-aeg Could I get any opinions on this then? are bullpup's decent for range and accuracy or just for QBC. (When it comes to AEG's my knowledge is very foggy, but I know the basics!)
  15. ShirouAshiya

    Options for a beginner purchasing

    Super late to this thread! But my local site charges, £15 Half day walk on £25 full day walk on £25 half day hire £45 full day hire For me, I just did 3 half day hire's over the full course of 2 months, that's £75 total for my ukara but had some fun while doing so.