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    DPM PLCE Webbing (2 double mag Pouches 2 Dump Pouches) or Multicam Tactical Vest
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  1. Hi @UKCYukarin sorry for the late reply but thank you for this info. I'll keep the FPS as it is then.
  2. Hi All, I have had a search for this and can't find any information but I have just had to have my L85 repaird after a stripped piston and broken Nossel and since its come back the FPS seems a little low. From what i recall these rifle has a spring adjuster and was wondering if anyone knew how I could adjust this to increase my FPS. Its current fireing at about 278 FPS on 0.25's and i want to get it up to around 350 on 0.25's. Also, I have managed to disable the blowback and now sure how but I have noticed the charge handle doesn't pull all the way back. Would appreciate it if anyone has any tip for this aswell. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have a similar problem with my G&G L85A2. I have had to replace the piston as the plastic teeth have been ground though. Now that I have replaced the piston it sounds correct when firing but no rounds are being shot out. they just drop out of the mag well when I remove the mag.
  4. @Prisce Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered 2 pistons for now. Not bothered with the heads yet though as I figured the one it currently has should be good as I would consider the gun still near new.
  5. Hi All, Just had my 5th game with my L85 and at the beginning, I chronoed on 254fps which I thought was weird but as I'm new to the game I didn't see this as much of an issue as it seems to be firing straight with a decent distance. About 30 min into the game through the gearbox started to make a horrible noise and stopped firing. when tilting the barrel towards the floor bb's when rolling out so I thought it may be a jam (Just like the old days with the real thing ) so I quickly stripped it in the field but no Jam. Luckily there was a Gun tech on sight who has informed me that the plastic teeth of the piston have been ground down and that I will need a replacement 19 tooth piston. Based on this could anyone recommend me a quality piston that will not let me down quite as quick? Also, does anyone know how to stop the bolt cover from falling off as this keeps happening and ends up rattling about? I have seen replacements for this on fire-support that come with 5 hooks (Image Below) but I don't see these hooks anywhere in the rifle so I suspect I may be missing them? Kind Regards Raynor
  6. Welcome, Not too far from yourselves either. I Currently play in Lincolnshire but I'm planning on playing at HQ and Humber as I most of my free time near Hull. The guys at Airsoft Direct in HUll are really helpful. They gave me loads of info and recommendations on weapons (and still I got the l85) with no press to buy from them. They also run HQ in Driffield.
  7. I love mone too, although I experienced my first issue on Sunday while playing at LAC's Combat Zone. The small pin on the mag release catch had worked its way loose and wouldn't lock any mag in. I think this may be caused by my two G&G Mid Caps as they are a pain to insert. I have to insert the mag, then press the mag release catch and then finish pushing them in until they lock in. My Hi Caps have no such issue. not even the cheap £9.99 plastic one.
  8. No, I have never been. I'm new to Airsoft and have only played at GAOL and Lincolnshire Airsoft so far but weekday nights for a couple of hours at a time is ideal for me
  9. Not from from West Yorkshire but I'm thinking of becoming a regular at kill house on weekday evenings
  10. Try Patrol Base. They can two tone any gun for £15 I think.
  11. Hi, I may be biased here as I have the G&G l85a2 but I'd go for the l85 and not the l86. I believe that that both take the same m4 style mags. Some game types will not be suitable for the l86 especially the close combat ones. One thing you may have difficulty with is getting a scope unless you get the susat as you will need to get a rail converter as the l85 and l86 us a dovetail rail which isn't standard. Hope this helps 😀
  12. Thanks all for the advice. I'll not take the risk for now. I'll wait till my guns are older and ready to be replaced before I try these.
  13. Thank you for your review. I'll stay clear of them. Just looking for some Bio's on a budget and these ones looked the part. Guess I'll stick to the Blasters for now.
  14. Hi Everyone, I have come across the following BB's from TaiwanGun and just wondered if anyone had used these bb's and what they thought of them? http://www.taiwangun.com/en/pellets-0-25-g/0-25g-biodegradable-precision-6mm-airsoft-bb-4000rd-kilo9?from=listing&campaign-id=19
  15. Hi C28, Have you been into a shop and tried holding this model? Personally, I think this does look amazing and it was the Pistol that I had my heart set on for my first Pistol until I held it and found that it was too big. The shorter version of this is a great gun and was the one I ended up getting. I went to Patrol Base for mine but I didn't get the two-toned version, although I know they do have a two-tone service.
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