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  1. I saw the mg42 had what I'd consider a small magazine for an lmg. Only 2500 round drum
  2. B...b...but I only just bought an Sgr 12
  3. The AGM one is just over £600, there's no way I'd cough up the 1.5k for the other version
  4. I'm toying with the idea of picking up a machine gun in the future as I do more outdoors events, I'm aware that they're heavy and not everyone's cup o' tea but I'm also not sure what other cons they have, specifically I've heard internals need replacing regularly but I don't really know my way around AEG internals at all; ideally I'm looking at an mg42 but I'd consider other guns as well but I'd be grateful for more input from people that have actually used them before I take this any further.
  5. I don't think I have anything with an FPS much over 300, not sure any of those would be all that great for the sandpit, although it looks excellent I was thinking maybe of of their woodland sites instead?
  6. Cheers Luke, kill house is my local but it's really quite small - I was looking for something with scope for a little bmore tactics but Sundays aren't vthe most convenient for me.
  7. Hi guys I've done a forum search on Cerberus to see if anyone had already queried it because their website is a little unclear and the forums there aren't active so couldn't ask directly...it seems they only run Sunday dates? Is this correct or are they just special events? I was wondering if they had other days when they might run "standard" days it just seemed a little unusual to be open just one day a week?
  8. Thanks, contacted them but said it's not compatible with sgr12 but repairsoft made a modification to make it fit; just waiting a response.
  9. Are there any tracer units that will work for a tri-shot or has anyone had experience of making their own? Ideally not a HUTU as I don't fancy drilling any internals ATM.
  10. How would one go about chrono-ing an sgr 12? Usually with a tri shot you would be asked to put only a single BB into a shell but the sgr's instructions say very specifically not to dry fire otherwise you risk shattering the custom pistons...only firing a single BB will of course leave 2 of the barrels dry, would it not?
  11. I have an echo 1 RDP spectre and the metal ball bearing under the fire selector switch has fallen out, which means the gun doesn't stay on full or semi auto reliably. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
  12. I find a laser to be way more effective than rds, if your site allows one - don't even have to look down the sights
  13. Anywhere i can get an FPG for less than a ridiculous price?
  14. Right guys, so I wanted somethign a bit different and decided to go for a Spectre M4 for CQB. They seemed to be out of stock EVERYWHERE but I eventually managed to get hold of one from Tiger Airsoft in china. I want to use a tracer unit with the gun but the stock gun doesn't have a threaded barrel. I've found an upgrade which would be perfect for what I need; Here: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Echo-1-Spectre-Rapid-Deployment-Pistol-RDP-Barrel-Extension-Adapter-20180/ Looks cheap enough I thought, then realised shipping would cost up to $70 My question is if anybody knows where I can get one of these or something that will do the same job for a not so ridiculous price? I don't mind having to import but because it's already quite a niche gun i'm having trouble finding anywhere that stocks them.
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