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  1. Has anybody had experience with a Spectre rdp and if they know where to get one? Practically everywhere sold out so assume they're no longer being produced?
  2. Thinking of buying a kel Tek ksg but this will be my first gas gun. I understand they require more maintenance than an AEG - what should I expect care wise?
  3. Most sites don't let you use tag rounds which is a shame because I really don't want my launcher to be a glorified shotgun
  4. Kill house is quite small and there are only two main corridors leading to the enemy base either side of the dark room, if you managed to squeeze past everyone when there are only those routes I say good on you. I can appreciate the irritation of being spawn camped though but if it's not against the rules then fair play.
  5. Yeah all sounds like a pain in the arse, if they're not safe out of the box I don't think I'll bother
  6. Actually, if i am going the AEG route i think I prefer the looks of the SGR-12
  7. Mostly the added expense I guess and a (percieved, I admit never using a gas gun) inconsistency with power in various temperatures. As long as I have a battery in my aeg I know what performance to expect
  8. I wasn't aware of that Roger. I'd heard they may double feed if not pumped correctly but not that they were likely to break. I do like the ksg but I'm just not sure about using gas yet. I have an aeg which I'm quite happy with and the only experience with gas I have are moscart 'nades
  9. I'm planning on getting a cyma 357 for cqb, it's a nice small design but it's only a 3 shot gun. I understand there are 6 shotters out there but Im not fully up to speed...I DO know that I don't want a gas gun so I'm coming g to the community to see if they know of any similar designs to the cyma 357 that is a 6 shotter? Preferably stockless for size issues but might be willing to consider Thanks
  10. I think this will have been asked before but considering there are so many models out there I would create a specific thread. I'm looking at a gasmask for indoor cqb, specifically a Russian PBF or "gorilla" mask. The model with cheek filters...I'm especially curious about people's experience with the lenses and how safe for airsoft they are? I'm aware of the risks of vintage filters and wouldn't plan on inserting them anyway but I do want to be somewhat confident that I won't lose an eye if I'm shot in the face. I think I saw someone mention a retailer that sells customer lexan lenses but I'm not sure? I could wear goggles underneath I suppose but I would prefer not to Cheers
  11. I turned up a fortnight ago on a Friday with a friend and Neil and Tom were the only people in. It was dead, figured it would be like that for the rest of December
  12. How so? I thought I'd seen the map layout on their FB and thought it looked quite similar?
  13. Didn't notice the price difference but it's one of these
  14. Bundy...sorry phone likes to type what it wants:; also, have you thought about a Magpul pdr? They're quite similar to p90s
  15. I'm in Leeds and kill house is my local site too. It's definitely semi auto only. I'm usually there on a Friday or Saturday and you can usually spot me as the guy wearing full acu digital camo. I found fubar but Dy not that great tbh but I suppose it's close by
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