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  1. Gear set or motor set? just looking out of curiosity theres the ASG Infinity CNC motor U-18000 all the way up to the U-45000 but it doesn't explain what the difference is; I'm assuming the highter the number the better the RoF but i've never upgraded a gun so no idea
  2. LMG or HMG with highest rate of fire that isn't a minigun of some kind? EDIT: And not a G&P Rapid II - Im looking specifically for an LMG or HMG form factor
  3. But presumably no pain either which would lead me to believe people will be happy to take more risks which could change the nature of the game if they know they're not going to get stun; I imagine a LOT more Rambo-ing.
  4. Which ones? And what is the mag capacity like? Auto 9 is 39 rnds I believe.
  5. Especially when you see these buildings around your city that have been abandonned for years or you cant remember how long the "to let" sign has been on them
  6. Had my first game at my local CQB probably two years ago - My friends had done paintball before and didn't like it so I couldn't convince them to try it and so I eventually had to bite the bullet and go alone. Already bought all the gear so I didn't feel like a twat turning up in jeans and a jumper so I had camo, helmet, boots etc - used the sites stock M4s but found they were a bit long for the arena; I enjoyed it enough to keep going so for my second game I made sure I had my own gun, a JG Ika Zuchi / Thunder Maul which didn't need a UKARA number (I like to be that guy with a unique looking gun) Most people there were friendly, quite a few first timers actually, which made me feel more relaxed - not the kind of people I would find myself hanging around with outside of the site unfortunately but friendly enough, maybe just a clique for the location??? I've only been to one outdoor game at Otley Stealth woods but I felt that was an even bigger mix of people and probably found it easier to make friends there as it wasnt "everyones local club" you know, where most people already know each other... One tip - If you're 5'2", weigh less than 10 St and are already super unfit, try not to wander around a woodland setting dragging around an SGR 12 for a full 8 hour game.
  7. I don't really need a pistol but if I were to get one, it would be a Luger to go with my Waffen SS peadot camo, or this bad boy. at approx £200 i've no idea if it's worth it or not - I have zero experience with pistols thus far and I wondered if anyone had one of these that could comment on it?
  8. Looks like a snubby Ika Zuchi - Awkward as hell to change the batteries. https://www.google.com/search?q=ika+zuchi&safe=off&sxsrf=ALeKk00MQSxzW57Zpl_awclzefXzbsSwhA:1596283324119&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjNxPrj-vnqAhWjThUIHXxVAEwQ_AUoAXoECGcQAw&biw=1777&bih=895#imgrc=zfUsw-YG2aDfkM Turns out they were happy with a copy of my last booking for a game, almost a year ago!
  9. Thanks, Just in case i'll enquire with some local airsoft shops to see if they offer a service to change the spring; I'm sure I could do it myself but i'd rather not FUBAR it.
  10. Thanks, I heard that it might be adjustable but then I also read that there is a G&G version and also a Cyma version so it all got very confusing. I ordered through action hobbies and the description made no mention of the adjustable fps
  11. Just picked up a cybergun FN2000 but the FPS is a little higher than I realised at 370; I assume this is good for most outdoor games but my local site is CQB set at 350 and i'd still like to use my new toy. A quick google said I can change the spring but i'm a complete newbie at internals and have no idea what spring i'd need to get to lower the velocity? Could anyone give me a quick rundown of what I need to do?
  12. Haven't played in ages so i'm unsure if my UKARA has expired but I just placed an order for a cybergun FN2000 and an ICS MGL, I suppose the store will get back to me and let me know if my UKARA is no good anymore...
  13. I saw the mg42 had what I'd consider a small magazine for an lmg. Only 2500 round drum
  14. B...b...but I only just bought an Sgr 12
  15. The AGM one is just over £600, there's no way I'd cough up the 1.5k for the other version
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