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  1. matt19norwich

    WAS 901 Chest Rig + Mag Pouches


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    For Sale Warrior Assault Systems 901 Chest Rig in OD. Excellent fabric condition, little to no signs of wear. All molle loops present and attached. Only part missing is the fabric strap which connects the 2 clips at the back together, this was removed as I am skinny and it didn't go small enough! Currently using super strong tape (has been on for years) but a replacement OD colour Nylon strap is easily replaced. Forgive how tight it looks but as I said it was set up for me and im very skinny so looks a little compact in places. Will easily re-adjust and fill out for a larger person. I have with it 2 WAS Quad M4 Magazine holders. These are also in perfect condition. Happy to sell as a set £65 for all together or £45 for the Chest Rig and £25 for both Mag Pouches or £12 each for the Mag holders separately. Would prefer to sell as one lot but will split if needed. Buyer to pay postage costs. Will get a quote before payment. Payment via paypal or transfer. Thanks


  2. matt19norwich

    Scope Mount 20mm Ris Attachment


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    Came off an olf ACOG scope Fits a 20mm rail and is in good condition. Just a few marks from previous mountings. Payment via paypal (buyer pays fees) or transfer. Thanks


  3. Hi would you be willing to sell the magpuls separately? Thanks
  4. matt19norwich

    CYMA Glock 18C AEP + 5 x Mags

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    Selling my trusty CYMA Glock 18C with 5 Magazines. AEP Works as it should and never let me down. It does not come with a battery as the one I was using has finally bit the dust. The mags look tatty but they all work perfectly well. It is purely cosmetic paint that has come off. Batteries can be picked up for around £10. I am asking £40 + Postage. Happy to take Paypal friends and family or buyer pays fees Or bank transfer. !!I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL eCHEQUE!! Thanks


  5. matt19norwich

    M203 Rail mount Adaptor

    Hi, not sure if this is what you are after. It fits a 20mm Ris Rail and has 2 screw holes in it. It is 90mm long. Its in almost perfect nick, just a few mars where its been mounted in the past on my rifle. Cheers Matt
  6. matt19norwich

    Kombat Dump Pouch MTP

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    Hi for sale are two pouches. One is a viper molle pouch in OD - £5 SOLD Other is a brand new never used Kombat Tactical MTP Dump Pouch. I purchased this with the intention of changing to an MTP vest but am not going to now so this is no longer needed. I paid £15 for it one week ago and never used it. - £10 Both in Excellent as new/new condition with all sips and snaps in tact. No scuffs or tears etc. Happy to post. Payment via paypal (buyer pays fees) or bank transfer. Happy to use whatever postage suits you but buyer to pay postage costs. Thanks


  7. matt19norwich

    Warrior Assault Systems chest Rig OD


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    Hi Would anyone be interested in swapping an OD Warrior Assault Systems 901 Chest Rig for the same brand Plate Carrier? Not too fussed on colour but OD preferred. Other brands may be considered but primarily im after another Warrior Assault one. Mine is in excellent condition with barely any dirt marks on it and no rips or tears. All zips/velcro are present and working. The only issue with it is that due to my small size I had to remove the strap that goes around the back attaching to the clips. I didn't throw it away but i currently cant find it however any OD strap will suffice to replace it if required. I will look for it though as it cant have gone far. All pouches you see in the picture come with it. There are: 2 x Quad capacity M4 Size Magazine holders with Velcro covers. 2 x Utility pouches on each side. 1 x Pistol, flash bang or smoke holder. 1 x Small utility pouch 1 x Map pouch with Molle and Velcro font to it. If the right chest rig one comes along I am happy to swap just the base rig like for like with no pouches. More pictures available upon request or if you need more info please ask.


  8. matt19norwich

    3 x Hi Cap M4 Style Mags

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    Hi for sale 3 x M4 Style Hi Cap Magazines I no longer use. Using top image as reference the first one is a DBOYS I believe a 450+ Round Magazine. This is in used but full working condition and has scratches etc. also has a small piece of plastic at the top broken off but this in no way affects the working of the Magazine. Can be seen in 3rd image. Second middle one is an AGM Hi Cap 450+ Round Magazine. Few minor scratches nothing major and fully working. Third one on the right of first image is an original G&G Hi Cap which I believe to be over 500 possibly 600 round capacity Magazine. Again a few minor scuffs but no damage and fully working. Only selling as I use Mid Cap Mags now and these are just sitting there dormant. All three are full METAL Magazines so have a good bit of weight to them. All 3 for £15 or £5 each. Payment via Paypal (buyer pays fees) Or bank transfer. Postage paid by buyer but dont expect it to be that much to be honest. Probably a few quit tops depending on how you want them posted. Thanks


  9. matt19norwich

    Tight Bore\Barrel Length Upgrade

    Thanks for the reply. My current cylinder is ported on one side roughly 3/4 of the way down from the nozzle. So if I understand correctly I may get an issue with accuracy unless I change to a cylinder without ports on it? Or is it a case of suck it and see? Thanks Matt
  10. matt19norwich

    Tight Bore\Barrel Length Upgrade

    Hi all I am thinking of putting a tight bore in to my G&G SCAR L but I have a couple of questions before I commit to the upgrade. The stock barrel in the gun is 357mm I believe. I want to put in a tight bore but dont know if I will be able to put in one of similar size or much longer to go in to my suppressor. In theory I could put up to 420mm Barrel length which would fit inside the suppressor and be supported. I know if I just put in a 363mm 6.03 it will just give me a 10-20 fps and I wont need to change any internals. However, if I put in a barrel around 400mm mark (I think nearest to the 420mm I cant find without cutting one down is about 407mm) Will I get an increase in FPS, and will I need to change my cylinder? Or will I get a decrease in performance and rubbish accuracy etc? Many thanks in advance.