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  1. The internal barrel is spring loaded to the external barrel there is a threaded barrel for it that elite shooting has for the gold match saves getting rid of the fancy internals. Alternative would be to swap the internal barrel and the external but as rocket said that defeates the purpose of the gm upgrades from a normal 5.1
  2. I’ve sent him an email price isn’t the problem I’d rather not put cheap crap into a tm
  3. Never used them before are they someone you would recommend?
  4. Any idea what would work other than changing the outer on her?
  5. They don’t fit the gold match or the 5.1 in general?
  6. I’ve recently bought a gold match hi capa and looking to mount a tracer unit on it but I’d rather keep the weight off of the barrel and keep the gold of course. I’ve got a glock with an sas kit on the front was wondering if there’s anything similar for the 5.1 hi capas other than the nineball ones that seem to be harder to find than rocking horse shit.
  7. Just get a couple of extended mags and a tracer for the pistol you’ll be sorted. Either good up or get a dye mask I couldn’t go back since I got one
  8. 14mm threads on the sas kit only way to attach an 11mm one is with the adaptor unfortunately
  9. Glad you enjoyed it bud maybe see you this Friday coming
  10. Nah not tonight I won’t be I’ll be there next week. The rentals are pretty shit. G36 rifles that have been around the block a few times. They have a couple of ak47’s They sometimes rent out if you can get one of them then you’re in with a fighting chance. You’ll get looked after though man don’t sweat it mite see you another time if you decide to go back
  11. Yeah man good bunch there fast paced games. limit is 330fps and no full auto. Just look up the fortress Fife on Facebook for directions and stuff to it
  12. Tm glock That looks like Frankenstein’s side arm and the arp
  13. Played there a few times it’s a good field. Windy as hell at times though but it’s always been a good time. If you’re about in Fife try the fortress in Kirkcaldy they’re on every Friday 6pm - 11 cqb indoors
  14. Thanks guys was able to turn the glock into a Frankenstein looking monster till I can get a less bulky torch and a red dot on it
  15. In their own boxes in a cupboard nothing loaded or connected up but if I had the space I’d put them in a gun rack or a case. Plus if anyone tries to rob my house there’s a glock near by that I doubt they would be able to tell wasn’t real so that’s a bonus.
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