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    Umarex Peacemakers, TM AA12, Derringer, TM P90, CA M249, G&G ARP556, Cyma 702A and more.
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    I vary alot but usually i either have a green cap or skull mask on.
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    Combat Action Games & Battlestations Snetterton but I travel a lot to sites across the country and play abroad.
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  1. I'm already thinking about my April trip to Spain to play Airsoft in Valencia.

    I want to take my WE Thompson which runs on Green gas.

    I know I'm going to have pick up the Gas when I get there and I don't wanna buy too much there so I am thinking about getting a side arm that runs on green gas so I can get one gas for both.


    I'm thinking of a full metal M9 but can't decide which one.


    I'm thinking WE because

    1. Popular so loads of spare parts

    2. Same make as Thompson

    3. Not massively expensive


    Anyone got any recommendations?