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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for multiple PTS US Palm AK30 Magazines (150 rnd) dark earth.


  2. Schultz

    GHK AK HPA drum mag

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling a GHK AK HPA drum mag made by Kinetic Action USA. Bought this from somebody else for mine RPK if i were to switch to HPA. But decided to stay with the mags and DH mod them for winter. I never used it because i don’t have any HPA stuff and now it is lying there collecting dust. Will be sent from the Netherlands


    - NL

  3. A little bit. What would this accomplish, looks like it is not touching anything on that spot?
  4. Didn’t work. Still think it has someting to do with the triggerbar.
  5. I think i was lacking some information on mine latest vid, sorry. I assembled the Vector and took some shots. When the trigger was not working i disassembled the Vector, started the vid, and then you see mee pushing the trigger bar. You see that when i push the trigger bar it resets properly. You did sand the sear nub, not the sear face? I sanded around the nub, not the nub itself. Have you checked the condition of the sear cup springs? If they are damaged, the sears won’t reset. The three cup springs are two different lengths, are they in the right cups? Check the parts diagram to get them in the right place, off the top of my head (I think) , the fulll auto spring is shorter, but check it first. Yes i did and the springs are in the right place. The full auto spring is indeed the short one. Have you checked the wear on the tip of the primary sear? (The trigger bar) Yes, look good enough Do you have a standard trigger installed? Yes, V1 Is the recoil buffer standard, rod not bent, spring pushing sufficiently to raise the buffer fully? Think so Bolt returning fully into the hop? Yes
  6. Replaced the spring but problem still occurs. Made a vid. of the problem. Here you can see that after i push the trigger bar it all resets. E6055E4D-33C2-4D5F-9961-1B5895AF244E.MOV
  7. Any ideas how to resolve the sticking?
  8. Return spring looks to be oke. The bottom one is the spare
  9. Some time ago i disassembled it. Was also thinking of a bad return spring. But then again it is weird that a first few shots (or burst or full-auto) are fine. I will disassemble it again and make some photo’s. Can compare the spring with a spare one i have.
  10. Sorry for mine late reply, was a couple days out of town. If it does not fire i have to push the trigger bar (red circle) to reset the trigger.
  11. So i did sand the sear. Problem is still there. What i noticed is that when it stops firing and i open here i must push the trigger bar to the top of the gun to reset the trigger. When resetting also the full-auto sear moved a bit. Any ideas on this @rocketdogbert?
  12. Mine is not fixed yet. Next step for me is sanding the sear but did not had the time to do it yet.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale a Glock TM G18C with a Guarder FSB slide and interla upgrades. I played a few games with the G18C but i never use a sidearm so it is as good as new (see the photos). The G18C comes with a ML hopup and a crazy jet innerbarrel. Next to the stock barrel and the crazy jet there is also a extra ML innerbarrel (6.01) included in the package. G18C is located in the Netherlands, shipping or pickup is no problem. – UAC aluminum loading nozzle for Marui G18C GBB pistol – UAC aluminum ultra lightweight blowback housing for Marui G18C GBB – UAC enhanced hammer spring for Marui G18c GBB – UAC enhanced piston head for Marui G18C GBB – UAC aluminum valve block for Marui G18C GBB – Guarder aluminium slide FSB for Marui G18 – Guarder recoil spring set for Marui G18c GBB – Guarder aluminum outer barrel for Marui G18c GBB (gold) – Guarder enhanced spring set for Marui G18 GBB – Firefly cylinder valve for Marui G18c GBB – GunsModify Aluminum Nozzle Spring Guide Set for Marui G18C Gas Pistol – Maple Leaf Upgrade Set For Marui Gas Pistol (97mm) (ML barrel with ML monster bucking) – Maple leaf hopup + crazy jet + 60° decepticon bucking – 2x Wiitech Hi Output Valve For WE Series Gas Pistol – Pistol lanyard – 2x WE mag, gastight – 1x TM mag, gastight – 1x TM G18 Optional (not included in the price): – 1x Warrior holster rechts A-TACS FG – 3x dual mag pouches A-TACS FG



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