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  1. Yes, they are stamped as 12 and 13. Hope it is visible on the photo.
  2. I changed the photo’s in mine last photo post. with better light. I just searched in mine big box of spareparts and i have both sears spare (number 12 and 13). I thought i only had the hammer spare. So replace the old ones and good to go right?
  3. Tomorrow i will make some better photo’s with daylight. No issues with full auto or burst. If i understand correct Rhesus means you have to sand a bit under the knob and not the sear edge. Or am i wrong?
  4. Oh, my mistake. Thought the problem was the nob on the sear. Took some more photo’s.
  5. So i took it apart and got some photo’s. It looks like the sears are fine. Impact hammer has a scratch.
  6. Oke, will check those too. Maarssen, The Netherlands
  7. Thanks for the info. I did already saw the video. But first wanted to ask around if there were other solutions for the problem or maybe it was something totally different. When i relubed it the Sera looked fine by me. Will open it again this week and check it again. What kind of other things could it be rocketdogbert?
  8. Hi all, I have a issue with mine KWA Kriss Vector. After a few single shots the trigger is not resetting properly. I have to pull the trigger again (sometimes twice) will here a click and it will fire then the same issue occurs. 2 round burst and auto work properly. I cleaned the Vector and relubed it. Inside everything looks good, no broken bits. I use Nuprol 3.0. Somebody has any idea, like to play with it again!!
  9. Time Left: 6 hours and 59 minutes

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    For sale a TM G18C with a Guarder FSB slide and interla upgrades. I played a few games with the G18C but i never use a sidearm so it is as good as new (see the photos). The G18C comes with a ML hopup and a crazy jet innerbarrel. Next to the stock barrel and the crazy jet there is also a extra ML innerbarrel (6.01) included in the package. G18C is located in the Netherlands, shipping or pickup is no problem. – UAC aluminum loading nozzle for Marui G18C GBB pistol – UAC aluminum ultra lightweight blowback housing for Marui G18C GBB – UAC enhanced hammer spring for Marui G18c GBB – UAC enhanced piston head for Marui G18C GBB – UAC aluminum valve block for Marui G18C GBB – Guarder aluminium slide FSB for Marui G18 – Guarder recoil spring set for Marui G18c GBB – Guarder aluminum outer barrel for Marui G18c GBB (gold) – Guarder enhanced spring set for Marui G18 GBB – Firefly cylinder valve for Marui G18c GBB – GunsModify Aluminum Nozzle Spring Guide Set for Marui G18C Gas Pistol – Maple Leaf Upgrade Set For Marui Gas Pistol (97mm) (ML barrel with ML monster bucking) – Maple leaf hopup + crazy jet + 60° decepticon bucking – 2x Wiitech Hi Output Valve For WE Series Gas Pistol – Pistol lanyard – 2x WE mag, gastight – 1x TM mag, gastight – 1x TM G18 Optional (not included in the price): – 1x Warrior holster rechts A-TACS FG – 3x dual mag pouches A-TACS FG


    Maarssen - NL

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