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    dragon 7.1, g18c, AW split side, KWA vector. krytac LVOA C, 2 x TM MK23's upgraded. MSK GBB . Shotgu
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    Black's for cqb . Warrior for outside
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    Motorbikes. Making stuff ( building a reverse trike from scratch) . Shooting (as long as i dont have to kill owt)

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  1. Whompa73

    TM Glock 18C cycling issue

    Are you useing the same mag or do you have a couple of mags are they/it a a tm mag (hate tm pistol mags personal pref i know but hate them anyway) could the person who had it bef9re you have tryed to set it up for short stroking at some point?
  2. Whompa73

    Broken m4 mags


    • Wanted
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    Hi im after some mettal or p style no functioning m4 mags. It dosnt matter what capacily they are as they will no longer be used as mags. They are for a project or 2 i am wanting to do. Obviously they must be mega cheep . Cheers James

    1.00 GBP

  3. Whompa73

    Krytak SPR

    I had same prob in my lvoa i think it had a m 90 or m95 in it . I put a m105 in but it made it slightly hot so i have had to clip the spring . But even clipped it has stopped the over spin /double sooting on semi. Given the extra barrel lenght on the spr maybe go for the m100 and it should sort out your issues
  4. So my mate who got me into airsoft is turning 30 next week and i didnt really know what to get him. I have had this idea of a bomb up box for storing bbs, batteries & pyro's in when going out airsofting and also doubleing up as a stand to keep the rif safe but i also wanted it to look cool as fuck!. I think i suceeded. I already had the bit's anyway so a couple of hours and a dremmel this is what i came up with. Its exactly as envisaged but i think it looks even cooler than i thought it would. Her are some pics with a couple of my pewpew's on it
  5. Whompa73

    When you’ve been killed well

    If i get tagged by someone with a corking shot be it because of distance or sneakyness. I'll happily shout good/nice shot mate
  6. Whompa73

    MK23 owners corner

    Hi i used the type that sticks its self. Its a bit of a faf but i think it gives a better look
  7. Whompa73

    What Pistol would you recommend?

    Firstly figure out what type of pistol you want to run gbb/non gbb (mk23's pluss a couple of otheres) / aep ( dont discount them as in winter they remain reliable) /springer (pmsl). What platform you like eg glock, 1911's, desert eagle and so many more. You then have to figure what your budget is as what you want may no nessacerraly be affordable . Second hand can be a good way to get what you want a a decent price but there are quite a few out there who say great condition but have never serviced it. Iv had a few iv had to strip ,clean and lube to get them to run properly. Regular maintenance on pistols is an absolute necessity. My pistols get cleaned and lubed properly after every game. Seems like a ball ache but i never get let down by them. How important is make? Yest tm make some great pistols but in most cases im not sure the price hike is justified. I have tm's, we's , secutor, cyma aep and even a poseidon (posedion absolutly amaizing and out of box id put it against any other pistol), there are just so many out there. Try a few see how they feel dont get too caught get too caught up in the "MAKE" snobbery find somthing you enjoy and run it. If you like it then you can do some upgrades on it anyway.
  8. Whompa73

    MK23 owners corner

    I've done the upgrades on both and have been extreemly inpressed with the results. What degree hop rubber you running? Are you useing the hadron h key or the maple leaf key? I found The accuracy with the 150 and decepticon in astounding compaired to standard im guessing the 180 will be similar but have not yet had chance to test properly yet. But 1 will sacrifice a very small amount of acuracy for distance and vice versa. Cant wait to try 180 in anger. I didnt go for the 220 as didnt want to have engagement distances imposed if it went over 350 fps. If you strip out the 220 let me know as i may have another project comming up that it could possably be usefull for.
  9. Whompa73

    MK23 owners corner

    Hi guys i know a lot of you out there love your MK23'S. Lets face it those who like them absolutly love em. Those who get taged by 1 hate them. Vertually silent , capable of lifting .4+ bbs, super accurate easily upgradeable and powerfull . Personally i prefer the TM but i know a lot of you may run the asg or stti versions. I have 2 TM's both have the standard suppressors, both have the hadron tdc hop adjust, both have maple leaf barrells & hop rubbers. My cqb though is still black ot has a 150mm crazy jet and a 50 degree decepticon rubber. I have upgraded the llm so it now has a t6 5 mode led module in it which makes it actually usable. The decepticon gives it absolutly superb accuracy but not quite as much distance as the autobot. Although it only runs arround 320fps on .2's i get people moaning when i cqb because i put .36's in it and it hurts lol. The second one is more for my secondary outside si it is camoed with fabric tape. it has a 180mm crazy jet ( took 5 months to find 1) and autobot 50 degree hop rubber . It has crazy range but probably not quite the refinded accuracy of the decepticon but still very accurate. I have not crono'd yet as i only did the upgrade this evening but expecting just sub 350fps 345 maybe. Hi have taken some pictures and a vid on youtube ( its not easy to shoot and film at the same time but hopefully you can see how accurate it is at a fairly decent distance and only loosly aiming with 1 hand. I said on vid 30 to 40 meters but thinking its prob further than that. If you think you can figure the distance out better than me let me know what you think it is. So what have you guys done to yours?
  10. Whompa73

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I dont usually post here as shiny things keep arriving and dont want to hog a thread . But somtimes you find something that you just have crow about. Finally after nearly 5 months of searching, prommisses from vendors that they will get me one but never been able and having ordered it 2x (from america and japan) only to be told that they were actually sold out. I fanally tracked down a rare as hens teeth maple leaf crazyjet 180mm barrell for my tm mk24 and it arrived today ( from austria). Woop! Woop! ( cheezy smiley face )
  11. Whompa73

    We MSK Masada ACR GBBR


    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Metal Upper receiver Metal 390mm Outer Barrel With 65mm Flash Hider Polymer Lower Receiver Polymer Folding Stock Integrated Adjustable Cheek Riser With Rubber Pad (QD sling swivel on the stock) Metal Gas Block and Gas Tube 237mm Metal Handguard (Able to attach the side rail on different angles of the handguard) Full Length Top Rail for Optics Practically emmaculate condition and seen very little use. I have no box or original sights but it dose come with a holo sight seen in the photo (case not included ) its runs fine but suffers from usual gas issues in cold weather. I have used whith hpa mag tap and runs great. I have also put the official we low power nozle in ( will come with the original aswell) but not yet crono'd but id guess on first few shots would be slightly hot (350+) but then settles. But if running on hpa wouldne be an issue anyway. Its is freshly oiled and serviced and comes with 2 gas mags ( tan metal ) gas tight but will have to be sent empty. Selling as i want somthing to put my wolverine reaper engine in. So selling / swaping this to fund the project. Looking for somthing fairly long ish, pref m4 but high quallity and must be nice condition cosmetically and pref good hop and barrel. However the gearbox and or motor can be toast for all i care but would obviously impact price willng to pay. A supressor would be cool to . Somthing like krytac spr or g&p or maybe somthing like a g&g sr25. Looking for insperation so try me . Or happy to sell and the look for somthing to buy. Any questions feel free to ask. Price includes ppal fees and postage but if you live close enough and want to pay cash and collect we can work somthing out. Cheers James 07533929857

    225.00 GBP

  12. Whompa73


    Bought a kit from him at midlands airsoft fair. I was going to buy from here anyway as everyone i know who uses hpa just said dont mess about go to hpairsoft . The guy knows exactly what he's chatting about. Iv spoke to other company a few months bach and as happy as they were to sell me somthing they couldn't tell me if it was what i needed to do what i wanted it to do. This guy can. Im waiting for some things to come back in to stock then ill be putting another order in. Personally i dont think id go anywhere else for hpa now. Definatly recomed
  13. Whompa73


    Save your money!!! Your gona need it! 600 straight off the bat? As they guys have already said buy what you absolutly need. Second hand rifle especially if having to buy 2 tone first as you will want to upgrade once you get a ukara and 2 tone tend to be harder to sell. Good eye pro and mask are an absolute must. Pistols? Im a bit biast here as im a pistol guy i quite ofter go out in cqb with pistols only so if you can afford to buy 1 then i definatly recomend getting one. The rest eg torches, sights , loadout and other bits of kit you can get as you get into it more. But remember second hand is a exelent option and there is a good second hand section on this forum . Just be carefull it is addictive . Very very addictive i think if id become a junkie instead of and airsofter id have spent less money
  14. I go to bomb up. Its a good night and the guys there are great but its a target shooting night held tuesdays and thursday nights from about 6pm and saturday days for youngsters aged 8 to 15 years old.they are Timed targets that pop up and have to be shot down you score comes from how many targets you knock down and i think the time it takes . So say you have 15 second round you knock down 8 of the targets and you knock them down in 10.5 but someone esle knocks 8 down in 10 seconds then their score is slightly better than yours. You the get to play in head to head shoot off. They then have and standard target shooting round. There are prizes for the winners of each section. Must admit 8m a bit of a pistol fan myself and qiute often go out in cqb with just pistols
  15. Whompa73


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): 3 x yes Any other comments: I would absoluty buy from this guy again . Supper nice to deal with . Absolutly as descrided if not better. Perfect transaction. Cheers