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    dragon 7.1, g18c, AW split side, KWA vector. krytac LVOA C, 2 x TM MK23's upgraded. MSK GBB . Shotgu
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    Motorbikes. Making stuff ( building a reverse trike from scratch) . Shooting (as long as i dont have to kill owt)

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  1. Honestly the quallity is no where near as good as an armourer works. Maybe not even as good as a we. If it wasnt for that fact it came with case i wouldnt have bought it . And although i have got it working proproperly its left a sour tast so prob gona sell on. And seeing as there like riocking horse shit and folk want 1 now. I should easily be able to get my money back out of it
  2. Payed by paypal so got options. I just thought it would be a realy sory about that we will get that sorted for you. Not a "jog on mate , not intrested its your problem now! We already got ya money " well unless your stupid enough to give me more money. Oh and then the slap of it sucks when you pay for somthing that dont work. (Read between the lines) but we'rekeeping the money anyway so go fuck yourself!
  3. Thing is i have already paid postage. It feels too much like paying for somthing twice. And considering that they didnt put my complete adress on ( they left the house name off) and it took 5 phone calls to dpd wich equates to arround 4 hours on the phone to finally get it delivered. And took 19 days to arrive i have to say im not convinced that i'd get it anytime this year. Also there must be massive amounts of complaints as it took 5 days for them to respond
  4. I bought a ssp1 and had the feed lip issue that many have had and although novritsch him self has kept quite about this he had made some secret video's to give "quick fixes" however the fix for the mag fault eg: bb feed issue involves fileing part of the botton of the feed lips away . However given the very tight space you are trying to work in and the fact you may take a couple of attemps to take enought out for it to feed properly (you have to be more agressive that you'd think with taking material out) you run the risk of nicking the top of the feed lips and therefore the bb's then just flert out. Once again i contacted customer services and this is the responce i got. Basically saying they will take no responsibility for faulty products thay have had made and sold. To my mind Novritsch you suck and and your credibility could very well be right down the toilet with this crap your pulling. Pardon the punn
  5. Whompa73

    = Equal Airsoft

    Appart from a patch and a soon to be hoodie (mainly for friends)sold pretty much at cost anc made in small batch production. There is no money involved at all I honestly cant realy find fault with what you are saying. It is about airsoft and trying to promote the sport. And as iv said iv had no problems myself the people have been brilliant and made some fantastic friends. Hopefully it will help encourage more people into airsofting.
  6. Whompa73

    = Equal Airsoft

    Firstly my apologies i wasnt able to post the link as for some reason my pad will only allow me to get on fb via the app. I also hadnt been able to spend a lot of time on the internet over the last few day and having not set the notify on thread i had not realised that there had been the issues there seem to have been. This isn't somthing being started by some middle class self entitled SJW (not sure what sjw is) its some who is a player and has has been for years. Who now struggles due to disabilities but still loves the sport regardless of her ability to charge around like a lunatic. It dosnt mean that she can shoot straighter than most of the others on the field. And when shes too bad to play she is still there supporting the team. She has seen the sly remarks made by people that have affected others . She has seen new players put off the sport by people being assholes. Even old players get disillusioned by the bull shit attitutes of some players. That being said it is for the vast majority a pretty accepting comunity and there is far far more for it than against it in terms of acceptance. Iv had a lot of support from airsoft friends. But going back to human nature even when people dont agree with what somene is saying when they are sniping or even out right bullying someone. Its amazing how many people just dont want to stand up and say somthing that could cause a confrontation. You could say i have a vested intrest as 1 i know the person who started this and 2 i am openly gay but i am big and ugly enough to look after my self . And to be honest i have not had any negativity personaly but although openly gay its not as if i go around telling everone i meet that I'm gay. Contrary to popular beleif you usually cant tell someone is gay just by looking at them or by the way they talk.And yet other wether gay or not seem to fit into what people preceive to be gay characteristics and are often harrassed for it. lable I certainly dont think that this is the case more in airsoft than other sporst or social groups But equall airsoft isnt about those who are gay ist just that that is a part of it i know somthing about . It is about everyone and primarily its about airsoft! Wanting to make it or even keep it a better, safer, tolerent and accepting place to have fun & encouraging people to come into it and be able to enjoy it with without all the bullshit the outside world has to offer. To my mind that has to be a good thing. It already has the support of many players aswell as teams , sites and even retailers. Yes its in its early stages and not quite the pollished artical yet as far as its fb page but everything has to start somewhere. This is just some trying to make the airsoft world a better place.
  7. Whompa73

    = Equal Airsoft

    Hi guys please check this out on facebook.
  8. Whompa73

    Ares efcs


    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Wanted ares efcs programing control box Cheers James



    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Wanted xcortech XT301 BB Tracer Unit. New or used but must be good working condition. 07533929857 Cheers James


  10. Whompa73

    TM Glock 18C cycling issue

    Are you useing the same mag or do you have a couple of mags are they/it a a tm mag (hate tm pistol mags personal pref i know but hate them anyway) could the person who had it bef9re you have tryed to set it up for short stroking at some point?
  11. Whompa73

    Broken m4 mags


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    • Used or new

    Hi im after some mettal or p style no functioning m4 mags. It dosnt matter what capacily they are as they will no longer be used as mags. They are for a project or 2 i am wanting to do. Obviously they must be mega cheep . Cheers James


  12. Whompa73

    Krytak SPR

    I had same prob in my lvoa i think it had a m 90 or m95 in it . I put a m105 in but it made it slightly hot so i have had to clip the spring . But even clipped it has stopped the over spin /double sooting on semi. Given the extra barrel lenght on the spr maybe go for the m100 and it should sort out your issues
  13. So my mate who got me into airsoft is turning 30 next week and i didnt really know what to get him. I have had this idea of a bomb up box for storing bbs, batteries & pyro's in when going out airsofting and also doubleing up as a stand to keep the rif safe but i also wanted it to look cool as fuck!. I think i suceeded. I already had the bit's anyway so a couple of hours and a dremmel this is what i came up with. Its exactly as envisaged but i think it looks even cooler than i thought it would. Her are some pics with a couple of my pewpew's on it
  14. Whompa73

    When you’ve been killed well

    If i get tagged by someone with a corking shot be it because of distance or sneakyness. I'll happily shout good/nice shot mate
  15. Whompa73

    MK23 owners corner

    Hi i used the type that sticks its self. Its a bit of a faf but i think it gives a better look