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  1. Thanks, I'll get the NPAS & chrono first so that any upgrades I put in prior to that I can stop my gun from being hot.
  2. Hi all. I've got a stock KJW KC02 GBBR and I'd like to increase my range and improve my accuracy. I'd like to shoot .4g bbs if possible but due to site limits I cant go above 420fps (.2g). What can I do to achieve this? I was thinking tight bore barrel and new hop but I'm a noob at this stuff . Would it work if I just beefed up the rifle completely then installed an NPAS to lower the fps? P.S. I am currently firing .32g, but I don't have a chronograph so I guess that info is useless. Thanks
  3. KJW KC-02 GBBR 2x ASG Ultraair Cans 3300x 32g NUPROL BBs And some Abbey silicone spray
  4. I've always loved LMGs. The thought of just laying down masses of fire with the recoil kicking you for miles excites me. (Example) Now I've never used an airsoft LMG myself, but from what I've seen and heard, they don't look very impressive. No kickback, no feeling of great power. Just a regular AEG but a bit larger. So is there any point in getting an airsoft LMG, or are you better off buying a 5000 round drum mag for your M4? Anyone know if a GBB LMG exists? Or maybe an electric blowback system? Alex
  5. If this guy is good enough at programming to develop this site I'm pretty sure he knows how to create a password encryption system. Besides, as Solar said
  6. Thank you so much! This is the exact thing I've been searching for. Big thanks to everyone who replied, I didn't expect so much help
  7. Thanks, Hangtight , I didn't even realise things like those existed!
  8. Heyy all. I'm Alex, I'm from Dorset, which if you didn't know is in the South-West, near Devon. I play at Ground Zero Airsoft mostly. I run a G&G M4 Firehawk and I've got a KJW KC02 on the way from Patrolbase - so excited :P. Just wanted to introduce myself. If anyone can help out, I've been looking for a scope for the KC02. Thread here: Anyway, see you all around
  9. Hi all, hoping somebody can help me out as I've been searching for ages for this. I'm looking for a short scope for my KJW KC-02 DMR. By short I mean larger than an ACOG but not a huge sniper sight. I'd prefer variable zoom, maybe between 2-7 or 4-10, anything like that. My only absolute requirement is that there is a small top rail to attach a micro red dot. This is where I'm struggling. I cannot find a scope like this anywhere! The only thing I found was the NCStar XRS, but I can't find anywhere that ships it to Britain. If anyone can give me some pointers I'd really appreciate it. Or if you have an idea for another setup (at first I was thinking about running a 1x ACOG with a flip to side magnifier but idk) that would be great too. I don't really have a strict budget (I can work overtime if need be) but I'd like the price to be around £100-£150. Thanks, Alex
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