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  1. Gazmeister

    Dogtag holmbush

    Hi all, at dogtag holmbush for the weekender (was uk v usa). Just letting people know they are allowing walk ons this weekend. So any of the forum people who fancy it tom, pop down! cheers Gaz
  2. Gazmeister

    Sat skirmish

    Myself and a few of the others in our band of brothers are heading down to our home at twa tom for first time in a while. As always would be good to see some AF members there (ones I’ve met and ones yet to meet)..... Happy pewing Gaz
  3. Gazmeister

    Apocalypse Airsoft 18/03/2018

    Good review again $Bill!! concur it was a good site and the structures were indeed v good. i really liked the 4x4 game also..... was chatting to some of the lads that were there for whole weekend (1000 yard stares all round haha) and they all said how effing cold they had been through the night! However all had enjoyed it by the sounds of things. Our little band of brothers are busy trying out as many new places as possible this year so can’t see myself back at apocalypse in the near future however would go back. Gaz
  4. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    Haha think we have our wires crossed fella as I thought you were going Apocalypse! No wonder I couldn’t find you haha yeah the snow was grim wasn’t it mate, was freezing our n*ts off waiting around for first game to begin....was the longest site rule/game briefing I’ve ever listened too! We stayed till around half 3 then chipped off quickly as the snow started coming down hard! Literally couldn’t tell if the bb’s were hitting their targets in the end.... site was alright tho, quite big with free roam like at battle lakes which was good. Buildings/villages were decent enough with towers etc which made assaulting a challenge. That is the shame with battle lakes that it has no buildings or fortified positions to defend or attack. Also some mechanised transport would make games more interesting... one of the games we did at apocalypse involved defending a pickup whilst it made its way through the woods whilst it dropped bombs off at various locations... it couldn’t move unless 4 players or more were defending it... enjoyed that one..... safe zone area was better then battle lakes as there were plenty of raised covered wooden tables to put you gear on..... hot food good too. yes mate we are always on lookout for new decent places to go so may well come up to you area in future... what’s the best ones near you mate? looking forward to uk vs USA at dogtag in May! A long weekend of pew pew and beer! gaz
  5. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    Hello fella, did you lads go in the end?
  6. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    Yeah we used comms for first time last time out.... deffo came in handy given the size of battle lakes! will hopefully have you lot on our side then..... best to be on the nutters side I say!! see you Sunday mate. Gaz
  7. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    Nath (so he doesn’t feel left out)
  8. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    Deffo mate!! 4 of us going so will be good to link up! i too shall be a walking bush for the day... wearing same get up as I did for battle lakes.... pic below myself on far left, the immortal one in the middle (you can call him Bob) and Bill on far right.... Nath was taking the pic.. so that’s our group
  9. Gazmeister

    Russian loadout advice

    Cheers mate!
  10. Gazmeister

    Russian loadout advice

    Ok cheers
  11. Gazmeister

    Russian loadout advice

    Is that a standard Smersh in that pic?
  12. Gazmeister

    Russian loadout advice

    Hi all, am keen to chat with anyone who has done a Russian loadout and get the info on best places to buy it all from.... will soon be in in possession of a VSS so want to build around it basically something like this? cheers!!
  13. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    agree with the above. Apocalypse this Sunday if any AS forum members about for some pew pew action....
  14. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    re the MED incidents, that was myself (hit in the back from no more then 20m by leaf ghillie sniper with srs) and then our pal Nathan who took headshot - again from less then 20m... and this was by the same fella.. effing hurt and left a nice mark.. I called the guy out on it but didn't get an acknowledgment - could have easily got me with his mk23 from that range but whatever - I called Marshal over who confirmed he was too close and pulled him on it and its after that he did the same to Nath?! .. anyway, as Bill said in his review, we got our sweet revenge.. haha boooya! this is all very small sh*t though on an otherwise great day and well looking forward to going back to Battle lakes again.... top site.. Apocalypse next
  15. Gazmeister

    Battle Lakes, Kent review

    Hello Fellas, good Review Bill. looking forward to another day out on the 18th Mar As always would be good to see some more AS Forum members turnout. Cheers Gaz