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  1. I would say that you don't ever complain to a player, if you have a problem tell a martial. Even if you calling out to them politely to tell them you have hit them, who is in the best position to tell if they have been hit, them or you? Yes they may be cheating but then again they may not be and you are just seeing things wrong and trying to call them out will only cause unnecessary animosity. Also, regardless of what you are trying to do in terms of communicating, you are either in the game or you are not so if you want to be in the game and you get hit then thats that. If what you want to do/say is so important that you have to do it then take yourself out of the game (dead) or stay in and just accept that anyone who shoots you is doing so entirely within fair play. I've been in so many games where I have no idea where fire is coming from that now if i feel a solid hit my arms goes up as a subconscious reaction. If I think i may have felt something but not sure I check my surroundings - if im miles from anything/anyone ill stay very still and quiet for a moment to see if i can feel a follow up shot and if not i carry on. If im in the middle of a fire fight ill just call a hit.
  2. Millennial chiming in here....triggered is a term used to describe someone who has gone from a calm and ordinary state to a (often irrational) high state of anger and/or frustration in a short space of time due to a particular event/action or statement. The something that has "triggered" the emotional response. The term is sometimes associated with trolls as a trolls goal is to provoke this kind of reaction in people, so a successful troll will have "triggered" someone.
  3. its not the end of the world but I am extremely poor and where I could justify $8 or so, over $15 is a point where I may have to leave it
  4. im trying to find a replacement safety leaver for my kwa 1911 and the only place i can find is in the US and the shipping is nearly twice the price of the actual item https://store.kwausa.com/product/b-37-safety-lever-left-side-for-m1911-mk-iii-and-m1911-mk-iv/
  5. its not so much maybe you'l buy something else, its all about the traffic. How high your website gets listed in generic searches depends largely on the amount of traffic you get which means when you don't have much traffic to begin with, people will only discover your website through a specific search, so they put on loads of products (preferably ones the most popular sites don't have) so that they have a chance of appearing on the first result page. It is indeed extremely annoying and some sites really take the piss with it but I suppose they are just playing the google game - if they didn't they wouldn't have a chance.
  6. i agree that ukara number should be all thats required and i woudlnt give anyone a photo of ID, BUT - why did none of the buyers just say that? If I was buying id just tell the op that hes asking too much and tell him either accept the info im providing or dont. I wouldn't go silent or make up some random excuse
  7. i didnt realize fb didn't allow it lol, im a member of a couple of trade groups on there. Theres zero attempt to fly under the radar either, the groups are literally called "airsoft gear and gun trade" or something to that effect. The reason I prefer it to forum trade is that those groups are specific to a given area so I can just advertise to people local to me - I only want to sell face to face (preferably on a airsoft site). - That way neither person has any worry about any scamming and if its on a airsoft site then even if the buyer decides its not for him its not a wasted trip.
  8. i moved away from reading before i bought my tracer unit but id love to go back and use it down in the basement! ever since iv had it, at best iv gotten to use it in "dim" lighting
  9. messy


    the site is using freewebstore, I used to use them when I had my own retail business, its a good platform and very easy to make a site that looks very slick and nice looking. So really no excuse for this, seems like they have taken zero time to actually learn how to use the admin panel, they just got their account, slapped a few products on and pushed it live. Also, the fact that the freewebstore banner is at the top means that they are using the free version which apart from the banner also means i think they can list a total of 30 items or something like that. £30 a month removes the banner and unlocks a decent amount of products and features you'd want for a proper site, cant believe that £30 is prohibitively expensive. Could be just a work in progress and for some strange reason there was a desperate need to throw it live and advertise it before there was anything worth advertising but who knows.... : /
  10. bang rule totally blows, even if its voluntary. Just because some guy thinks he got the drop on me and would definitely have hit me, doesn't mean i agree or that i wouldn't have got a shot off and killed him too BUT if someone says bang id feel like a dick if i didn't accept it so the bang rule just kind of guilt trips into taking a hit on the other persons terms. When im up close to someone i just keep the gun leveled at their leg and give them a tap with my hand, when they look at me i ask "would you like to take the hit" give them a moment to realize im on the other team and have my gun on them. The offer has never been refused because with my hand on their shoulder its just not possible for them to turn around on me, there is no ambiguity about who would have won if I had just fired instead. If your close but not touching distance then just shoot for the leg (the pain is really not that bad). and thats all if your behind someone and they haven't seen you. If you both spot each other at more or less the same time but its close then FIRE. Shouting bang because its close is very poor imo because of the original point - "bang" suggests you would definitely have fired first and would definitely have hit and if they shoot and hit you when you said bang, they are seen as the ass which is unfair.
  11. I think some of the successful companies that already do this also provide training for the film industry to get actors looking a bit more realistic and that is their bread and butter - they offer the training to anyone who will pay and sometimes advertise to airsofters but its by no means their main market. In regards to how well real tactics apply to airsoft....I agree that some of it doesn't wont fit but there is still a good deal to learn. A forces mate showed me how to clear rooms properly and get through doors and stuff and thats been very beneficial. I would love to learn proper drills for reacting to fire when moving across ground and stuff however I know that sort of thing you really need a team (all of whom willing to learn and use it) and I have never found a group of local mates who play often enough that theres always a group out AND all willing to learn the stuff
  12. the biggest thing i can think of (in terms of what im excited about) is the B.L.TECH have turned around and said they WILL be providing to the general public and not just military (and hopefully at a reasonable price) and will be re-branding and providing more info in the next few months.
  13. I only use 100 round mid-caps and even though it happens every single game I'm always surprised how I use less than 2 per game. If its a really heavy fighting game i might break into a third but not finish it and its very rare I was often worried about feeling things through equipment but i find hard shell stuff like mags or helmets - if they are up against your body then you feel the impact quite easily, plus quite a loud unmistakable sound
  14. messy


    my life changed forever when i realized this lol. I spent AGES searching for WE o-ring replacements and couldnt find them anywhere and then I looked on ebay for just "0-rings" and found boxes full of lots of sizes for £5 or so. I still have the one box i bought - has provided every seal iv needed since.
  15. i usually play with an l85 (sa80) which is obviously bullpup and great for cqb but even with that one i sometimes had trouble with corners until I was playing with a squadie mate and we were at a door together and he saw me struggling and told me to lift the back of the rifle over my shoulder (leaning it sideways) which suddenly made everything so much easier as it effectively halfed the length of the gun.
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