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  1. madmogga

    The Mall Reading

    MPA Hockley in essex
  2. madmogga

    The Mall Reading

    thanks, quick and light it is then - what about a tracer unit any point taking one ?
  3. madmogga

    The Mall Reading

    I know a lot of you here have played at the Mall Reading – I am looking to get down their at the end of the month and wanted to know what the engagement distances are so I can chose which AEG to take. I have a Small CQB gun I use at my local site but due to their rules is only 280 fps on .2g bb’s – however I also have a much bigger and heavier AEG I use for outside which is 335fps on .2g bb’s which is also a lot more accurate. My question is what would be best something small and light with less range or the heavier but more accurate AEG? And any other tips for essential kit to take on the day? thanks
  4. madmogga

    JG Bar 10 assembly problem

    if your checking to make sure your getting a good air seal then consistency in the FPS is what your after as FPS will all depend on the spring your using, that said check your site limits 345 with .25's is a bit low most sites allow 500fps on .2 which will be about 445fps using .25s so you might want to pop in a better spring in their
  5. madmogga

    JG Bar 10 assembly problem

    the white washer is a guide ring for the cylinder you should have one at the front and back of the upper receiver. normally it is the one at the front that falls out which should be a complete "O" the back one has i bit cut out looking more like a "C" just push this into the end of the upper receiver past the thread your see a very small lip about 1.5" into the upper this is where it will stop/sit sorry at work so can't post a picture Quick Pic to show both guide rings and where they should sit inside the upper
  6. madmogga

    JG Bar 10 assembly problem

    this is correct i have the BAR10 - if i screw my barrel in all the way until tight then i am also unable to align the screw and hole, i normally screw mine in tight then unscrew until the screw hole is in the correct position. if your cylinder is not sliding in correctly this could indicate a bent outer barrel i had this once before, what was happening was my nozzle on the cyclinder was hitting the action army hop unit- getting a new straight outer barrel solved this :) . Also I normally have my cylinder in place on the trigger unit when i screw mine back together as normally only disassemble now to clean the barrel - when doing this as you get 4/5 turns away from the outer barrel being fully in and your hear/feel a click as the cylinder nozzle hits the black bb stops in the action army chamber might be worth doing this way round to ensure you have the cylinder correctly installed
  7. madmogga

    New Player needing G36 Advice

    i have the JG G36 and its a nice gun, it was my starter gun and one which i learnt to tech on, so has taken a lot of abuse both on and off the field - but still going strong 😂 - for reference you can fit a nice 9.6v 1600 nunchuck without any problems
  8. madmogga

    cheaters (rant)

    One site i use if you get a gun hit then your not out but need to use your side arm, which is ok but last game i got called out for not taking a hit when the hit was on my gun which i put down and used my pistol
  9. madmogga

    Sight frustration

    Not all cheap sights are bad - ive got a couple sights off amazon for about £25 and the parallax is good on them (good enough for me on an airsoft gun anyway ) - way i check them is i clamp my gun down so it is sighted on a spot down my garden around 30mtr away- then move my head around a bit and hopefully if its a good sight then the dot will appear to stay on target.
  10. madmogga

    How to check upgrades

    I know what its like finding those pennies - fault finding and upgrading is expensive - Ive upgraded two VSR 10's and put action army hops in both and they work great so if you can get one i would go for it, But if it helps i should still have both the old hop chambers around somewhere so send me a PM with your address and ill send you one so you can try it out or use the parts for spares.
  11. madmogga

    How to check upgrades

    seams strange that your bb's roll out until you apply 40% hop then the BB jambs - what type of Airsoft pro hop arm is that ? U Shape or Roller Shape nub on the arm ? might be worth removing the rubber and check it fits ok in the window of the barrel then resemble the whole hop unit and look down the end of the barrel and make sure you get a nice smooth adjustment - hard to explain what i am trying to get at but maybe your hop adjustment goes from off (allowing the bb to roll out) to 40% (far to much so causes a jamb) on with no real adjustment in between due to something pinching or snagging - just a thought !
  12. madmogga

    How to check upgrades

    I had the same problem on my Bar 10 - the hop unit was very tight - and i could not get it all the way out - i had some barrel spacers causing friction making it harder than it should have been, but i just push the hop back in place - and wiped the inside of the outer barrel with a cloth and a bit of silicone oil that was enough to make it a lot easier to push out, but also be careful where the screw that holds to end barrel on caused a small dent on mine that also stopped the hop unit coming out
  13. madmogga

    What does airsoft cost?

    based on my last game a week ago £25 walk on fee £8 Food and drink £12 for BB's £15 for Pyro's + a few £££ for petrol So about £60 for a full days play (i don't always go that mad on Pyro's but it is fun so worth the money to me) however if you factor in that i have spent well over £4000 on new guns / upgrading them, buying kit - batteries and chargers etc over the 12 months since i started - i think ive played about 15 times so far that brings each game up to about £325 Or if the wife asks its about 20 quid .......
  14. madmogga

    major flyers

    HI yep we was at Plantation this weekend in the rain and snow and probably going their or to Skirmish this weekend Ive done a lot of work on my ICS guns so feel free to send me a PM if you need help or advice on what parts etc.
  15. madmogga

    major flyers

    HI Yes i did get a bit further with this, in fact i took the gun out for its first skirmish yesterday, and i was extremely impressed with the range and accuracy and also the consistency from it. i did spend a bit of money on it in the end but i think it was worth it based on the performance i got yesterday. this is what i put in it Prometheus 430mm 6.03 barrel - I lapped the barrel using HSA lapping kit (ive done this on a few barrels and in my opinion helps improve the accuracy a lot) Maple Leaf 60o bucking Maxx IE hop chamber Suppressor used to hide barrel length but more important to allow me to put barrel spacers in their to stabilise the barrel - i used some G-SPEC spacers with o rings then wrapped a bit of tape around the outside to get a sung fit in the suppressor I also use o-rings over the barrel rather than a spring to ensure their is no movement in the barrel/hop For the upper i put in a Maxx Cylinder head & 21mm Nozzle onto a Ultimate Cylinder (correct Size for air volume/barrel length) I find the Maxx Nozzle seals a lot better than the ICS metal This gives me a very good and consistent air-seal only about 2 FPS difference Was using .25g BB and my FPS was 340 when measured with .2g BB's If you need any more info let me know, ive have not done any meaningful testing wise yet as in measured target shooting but out in the field yesterday it felt like i was hitting everything i aimed at, and even on full auto the grouping was great. Your also notice from the image below ive changed the stock - this was to allow me to fit my Gate Mosfet and use 1600a 9.6v batteries as i prefer these over 7.4 Lipos