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  1. I am using .4 BB's - Geoffs Ok thanks Ive seen a lot of people say the madbull red shark is good for HPA because of the extra grip in the bucking lips so ive ordered a couple to give them a try
  2. Hi I have an ICS MARS DMR, with a MAXX hop unit, R-Hopped Prometheus 6.03 barrel, maple leaf bucking, when running this as an AEG I had good results and in my back garden was getting a 2” spread at 25mtr. I wanted to try out HPA so purchased a Woolverine Reaper along with one of their Storm regulators, set up went well, However, the constancy of the BB is now way off, instead of a 2” spread its now more like 15” mostly dropping low with the odd few going high. Out of 10 shots 5 will be good with but with 5 flyers going way high or normally low. with most of them dropping low i thought this was an air seal/pressure issues but I’ve checked air seal and nozzle alignment etc and getting consistent FPS with only 2-3 fps variation so cannot understand why I am now getting shots going high and low. I have tried a couple of different bucking’s but that’s made no difference. Anyone know what’s going on? or got any tips or suggestions to help improve the constancy ?
  3. Me and my son just did our first Night game last weekend, one of the best games we have had, it was a lot more stealthy and very free-flowing, I had two opponents sneak right up next to my hiding spot and did not know they was there until one of them spoke to his mate, I then made them jump when i shot them from 10' away because they did not see me either as it was pitch black - I've got the bug for night games and now want more
  4. madmogga

    G&G P90


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    Price Drop - I need the space Brand New - G&G P90 Re listed at a more realistic price and without all the extras - Great Gun with quick change and FPS adjustable spring system . Boxed still with its label on and one low cap Mag can collect or be posted - buyer to pay postage


    mayland, essex

  5. so going back to my original question was the gun working when you got it ? - if it was then what have you done or changed since - because a gearbox dose not just develop a bad shim job
  6. Having just read all the above and taken on board the comments I have just removed my first and only listing in the classified section as I totally agree with all the above, while I thought my price of £350 for a brand new gun with a load of spares, lots of mags etc. was fair it was based on what I paid for it and wanted to get back from my investment and not realistic price, and I also thought that it would be more attractive with all the spare parts, but as pointed out people might not want them or need them so why would anyone pay more for what you don’t want. Wish I had read this before making my first post, but will now list the AEG on its own at a more realistic price and list the spares separately for anyone who might be interested in them.
  7. woops that will teach me to watch videos during my lunch and not to read to comments 😀
  8. I can't be sure but a quick look at the video at 0:24 i looks like the sector gear bush is worn i can see what looks like a gap ? so as Prisce said might be your gears not aligned Also are they plastic Bushes ?
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Edited to make more sense Brand new – ex display G&G P90 Boxed with various spares from my old G&G P90 . Spares come from my old G&G P90 which I dropped and smashed the upper receiver (sad day) this was a great gun and had various upgraded parts and because you can simply just slide in the P90 gear boxes it was my intention to rebuild an upgraded P90 but just never got around to it. List of Spares · Complete gearbox assembly – from memory this has been shimmed and SHS gearset added, Piston and Nozzle along with a Lonex A5 Motor, Wired to Deans and complete with a Gate AB mosfet. To install this into the new P90 just required the removal of 5 screws which allows the gearbox to slide in and out. These gearboxes also have the quick change and adjustable spring feature allowing you to swap a spring over in a matter of seconds or use the adjuster to fine tune your FPS – the current spring allowed me to get from around 290 up to 360 fps · Prowin Hop Up (not pictured) · 5 Mags in total – the original new low cap + 1 low cap - 2 mid cap and one high cap (High cap as with a lot of P90’s did not feed very well) · M4 Mag adapter (cut down and modified by me) again had some feeding issues mainly down to the winding needed when installing the M4 mag. · Spare extended outer barrel · Spare red dot sight · 20mm Top rail to replace the red dot should you wish like me to mount different optics · Spare cut off level (new) · Spare trigger assembly (New) · Old shell which has been modified slightly with incorrect back plate (not pictured) Apart from the upper receiver and internal barrel you have enough spare here to build a second P90 😊 – I am sure I have a few other parts in my workshop so will also chuck these in including a couple of multi cam mag pouches. I am open to offers and happy to split if anyone is after any of the spares - collection preferred so buyer can see it working etc - but will post - buyer to pay postage Please ask me any questions


    Mayland, essex - GB

  10. Dose it happen in both Semi and Full Auto ? also what battery are you using and are you sure it is ok and fully charged ? - i presume you have had it working ok since you purchased it ?
  11. that is Natural with no limiter - according to the titan i am getting a max of 34 rps but it averaged 29rps over the 500/600 bb's i test fired that day.- I was surprised as the Lonex A2 i was only getting 28 and thought that had a higher 40000 rating and was only looking for around 22/24rps - only other thing i did do was re shim my gearbox while I had time as i noticed a small amount of play in the sector gear.
  12. Quick update I purchase the ASG Infinity CNC U-22000 for my DMR and the ASG Infinity CNC U-30000 for my AEG. The U-22000 has great torque giving very good trigger response the Gate titan showing average 14ms, While the U-30000 has a great combo of speed and torque and a little faster than i thought it would be - with an 11.1 Lipo and 16:1 gears i am getting 29 Average RPS on a SP100 spring. Not yet been out for a game but so far not getting any Motor Errors from the Gate Titans on limited testing done int he garden .
  13. my local site is running a Halloween "PURGE NIGHT" special in a few weeks so ill let you know who was first to die - mind you the way I play it will probably be me !
  14. Ive done a lot of work on my JG G36 (was my first project learning to tech) looking to turn it into a DMR because i normally only used single shot and thought at the time higher FPS = More range. I rebuilt gearbox, installed a new hop, added an extended tight bore barrel, rewired to deans and fitted a mostfet etc. doing it bit by bit between games as my budget allowed. Running 340 fps I was getting good range but it lacked the accuracy – despite doing a load of work I could never lock down the various parts well enough to get great accuracy. I think this was down to the plastic body. I have now completed my DMR project on an ICS which has full metal upper and doing the same sort of mods as I did on my G36 the accuracy is 110% better, I have also now got the added benefit of being able to quick change springs to suite different sites FPS limits. As for locking it to Semi – every site I have played at are quite happy that I have used a mosfet so restricts full auto back to single shot (Gate warfet).
  15. Interesting you say it runs cool, the lonex at the moment get very warm, i think this is the AB in the mosfet, ive also been told that the AB also wears down the motor very quickly so use the setting on the titan to only use enough AB to stop any over spin
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