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    Breacher. or Glock 17
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    What ever i fancy on the day
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    The gaol.projectX. Camp Sparta. The Stan. thedepartmentcqb Anywhere with 90 mins drive from leicester
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Buggas13's Feedback

  1. Jaxx left Positive feedback   

    Very reliable seller, does everything that he says he will can trust the guy 100%

    Buggas13 was The Seller

  2. ProfFantastic left Positive feedback   

    Paid promptly, no fuss, very easy to deal with

    Buggas13 was The Buyer

  3. mec left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment, good comms, cheers

    Buggas13 was The Buyer

  4. Justjay1986 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a g5 mag...spot on Comms, really fast dispatch and delivery. Cannot fault this seller at all, recommend definitely.

    Buggas13 was The Seller

  5. HPATyler left Positive feedback for an advert   

    Marui/guarder g17 gen3
    good communication all round, easy enough to deal with :)

    Buggas13 was The Buyer

  6. Ezrion93 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent service and fast delivery!!

    Buggas13 was The Seller

  7. Tabitha left Positive feedback   

    Great! The items (Silencer, extended G17 innerbarrel) were well wrapped, in great condition and were posted fast. Definitely purchase from again. 👍😸

    Buggas13 was The Seller

  8. AdamBall left Positive feedback   

    Good item, well looked after. Quick and safe postage. Seller responded quickly to emails and was very helpful.

    Buggas13 was The Seller

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