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    for sale or swap is my WAS DCS, looking for a Haley Strategic Chest Rig or Ferro Concepts Slickster in Ranger Green or Disruptive Grey specifically. only been skirmished once due to getting in to Russian Gear. pouches on the DCS are: WAS AK/AR POUCHES x5 (will fit STANAG mags fine) WAS GP pouches x2 WAS MEDKIT pouch X1 WAS RADIO pouch x1 would like a face to face but can post for £15, offers very much considered.


    canterbury, Kent - GB

  2. I've got a few favourites but they've been mentioned... I have a definite affinity for Léon's Beretta's.
  3. ive had loads of issues with gloves myself... I seem to have a weirdly large palm with shorter fingers... I found Nomex flight gloves and the Mechanix fast fit gloves to be the best, I know its been said before but size is extremely important!
  4. Ok guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice/help... I'm fairly new to Russian gear but looking to branch out a bit! I bought myself a LCT AK and zenitco'd the sh*t out of it and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out but I'm looking for some gear to go with it... and I know to be somewhat accurate I should be looking for some inspiration from the ALFA teams but I'm allergic to multicam... to cut to the chase what other camo and chest rigs/plate carrier etc would go with a zenitco AK? I'm thinking along the lines of A-TACS and some kind of solid colour Plate carrier just not really sure what... any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I use a pair of the Howard leight ear pro and they're fairly decent for the money. in regards to using them with a radio... thats a bit iffy... I've tried to use them in conjunction with my PTT and it cancels out the noise amplification, they basically become noise cancelling headphones. I've just been putting them over my ear piece and that works fine! hope this tidbit of info helps anyone
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