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  1. Team Hatchet-Mags

    Tips for Stirling Selection

    Totally different.. bad comparison tbh.. proffesionals get payed a ridiculous amount of money and they get told to do that, i play football 3 times a week airsoft once a month.. none pretends they are proffesional footballers like these people pretend they are real soldiers lol.. there is also no such thing as a proffesional airsofter so therefore cannot be compared to preoffesional footballers? you want mil sim ? do you not get it playing airsoft anyway without having to pretend your going on SAS selection lol? i just watched the video on that website lol the guy saying all the stuff is a total geek and they blur out peoples faces but have them in the picture above trying to make them look like SAS soldiers lol.. total FAIL.. football is a very simple game aswell 1 ball 22 players 2 goals get the ball in the goal more times than the other 11 players.. airsoft is simple have fun shoot people but no need to try to recreate the SAS selection for running round the woods shooting some people..
  2. Team Hatchet-Mags

    Tips for Stirling Selection

    i play airsoft for FUN, enjoyment, a laugh, to socialise with friends, meet and chat with a few new people not to pretend im a wannabe soldier shooting a bb gun at people that are too scared to join the army so shoot bb guns to SIMULATE being a soldier..
  3. Team Hatchet-Mags

    Tips for Stirling Selection

    This is just god ###### sad... and this the kind of stuff that makes peoplke assume airsoft is for geeks and tbh looking at that i would to.. these people are probably drop outs from the sas selection, probably taken it twice failed and told they cant come back, so decided to set an airsoft one up that we can pass but no one else can so it makes them look all physical and tough.. anyone doing this for recreational reasons is sad.. fair enough if you training for sas selection bu t to do this for airsoft WHY ? go join the army serve 3 years and take the real thing if you want mil sim that much..