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  1. Went with CYBERGUN mid cap 140rd mags and they work and feed just fine! SO I guess CYMA would also work due they are the same mags just re branded.
  2. Nope..but good news I've found a site in UK that will send it to Croatia for a decent shipping price . Just have to make my own research on them before I proceed to buy , just in case.. https://www.bbguns4less.co.uk/products/nuprol-airsoft-stanag-30-140rnd-adjustable-mid-cap-magazine-black.html The problem with them is that they have shipping of 100pounds on their site and when I talked to the guy he said that he will lower the price to 20 pounds but I would have to first pay the full price and then he will refund the money..which is weird and sounds "scammy" Edited* aft
  3. Ahh well they ship to every country but Croatia..weird And the shipping rates are horrible..damn Have you ever tried G&G 120 mags ?
  4. Well the Issue is that buying just one isn't worth it due the shipping cost..so I would have to buy 3 at least .. Thank you for your help asbo you made my life easier
  5. Oh damn, that's a nice find! I honestly lost all hope in finding proper mags for my HOG..and their price is amazing Thank you
  6. Recently I bought ICS CXP HOG and was trying to find what kind of mags fit in it and feed properly ? The ICS Mags are too expensive , and I can't seem to find any KWA mags anywhere in EU to buy... Do you guys know personally any type of mags that work with that gun ? Thanks!
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