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  1. Went with CYBERGUN mid cap 140rd mags and they work and feed just fine! SO I guess CYMA would also work due they are the same mags just re branded.
  2. Nope..but good news I've found a site in UK that will send it to Croatia for a decent shipping price . Just have to make my own research on them before I proceed to buy , just in case.. https://www.bbguns4less.co.uk/products/nuprol-airsoft-stanag-30-140rnd-adjustable-mid-cap-magazine-black.html The problem with them is that they have shipping of 100pounds on their site and when I talked to the guy he said that he will lower the price to 20 pounds but I would have to first pay the full price and then he will refund the money..which is weird and sounds "scammy" Edited* aft
  3. Ahh well they ship to every country but Croatia..weird And the shipping rates are horrible..damn Have you ever tried G&G 120 mags ?
  4. Well the Issue is that buying just one isn't worth it due the shipping cost..so I would have to buy 3 at least .. Thank you for your help asbo you made my life easier
  5. Oh damn, that's a nice find! I honestly lost all hope in finding proper mags for my HOG..and their price is amazing Thank you
  6. Recently I bought ICS CXP HOG and was trying to find what kind of mags fit in it and feed properly ? The ICS Mags are too expensive , and I can't seem to find any KWA mags anywhere in EU to buy... Do you guys know personally any type of mags that work with that gun ? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for commenting! Well I was hoping to be able to fit a larger battery if not I believe there is still some room for the second battery (one in case the other runs out of "fuel"). Here in Croatia we are allowed I believe 400fps or 380.. not sure so I think I will do fine.. Was looking at some tutorials on how to do it , does seem a bit tricky tho I might be wrong, are there any picture related tutorials on the web or maybe this forum ?
  8. As the topic says , I've decided to buy ICS CXP-HOG AEG ( Black / Front Wire Version ) after doing a bit of a research , sadly there aren't too many preview videos (atleast not in english) so I hoped some of you own the gun and tell me if its a good move. The gun its self costs 305.15$ or 245 pounds in HK so that saved me bunch of money, also went with a red dot and BOL 7.4V 1300mAh 20C 2 Cells Discharge Rate Li-Po Battery ( Twins ) , since I heard I would need to install MOSFET before trying out the 11.1V battery . So whats your experience with the gun if you had any. Tha
  9. Sitting duck thank you for your help and your recommendations! But I've decided to go for the ICS CPX HOG , found it for 300$ in HK and the easy disassembly will allow me to transport it in plane ( if they will allow it hehe)
  10. Well I am really looking the looks of ICS HOG , while the Krytac looks kinda empty.. Is the quality of ICS HOG good ? Do you have any experiences with ICS ? **Edited Damn that ICS HOG seems to be damn fine gun! Only cons I've found out so far is the lack of space for bigger batteries , seems solid, and has a pretty good ROF.
  11. Yea, but would like some balance between looks(guns that I actually want) / performance.. x) So like i mentioned above, m4/16 416 etc.. even the cm16
  12. Well that airsoft manufacturers do you recommend ? I though G&G was in the top 3. Reason why I'm asking is my brother is going to Honk Kong and would like to get a good gun cheap, since its HongKong.. As you can guess I like the m4/16 hk416 type of guns.. where to start looking ? Cheers
  13. Looking to buy a HQ gun for a change due before I've just used to buy cheap guns which didn't have the best performance.. (APS AK74 - DBoys M16A4 - CYMA M14(this one was okay) ) I've narrowed my search down to these 2 guns G&G HK416 T418 and G&G GC7A1 ... I just can't seem to decide which to get due I honestly don't really know which one has more pros. So I am hoping the good folks in the UK-Airsoft forum could help me out pick one of these 2 or just give me a third options..maybe of you had first hand experience with these guns and can give me tips / advice on which would b
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