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  1. Is this still available, and where are you located?
  2. Hello all, I recently acquired a 2nd hand TM AKS74 N, love the look, but the fake wooden hand guard feels pretty cheap. I have been looking for a black polymer one to replace it. I don't really want to make any modifications to the new hand guard, so would need to be a straight swap. Could anyone recommend a polymer hand guard that would be a direct replacement (also house the battery)? I've done searches but nothing is coming up. cheers
  3. I 2nd this. An excellent site and very well run
  4. I would also echo some of the comments above. Save Zone - Very nice and spacious, great toilets and food Staff were all very welcoming and happy to resolve any issues Gaming area has some nice features, liked the trench system and lots of cover, but the amount of netting throughout completely ruined the games. People were often going out of bounds unknowingly due to this. Wasn't keen on the amount of people dry firing and later in the day letting off smokes an pyro's in the safe zone Didn't feel like a milsim - but being the fist event that is understandable hope to come along again thanks
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