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  1. So I was upgrading my gearbox and i accidentally broke my tappet plate and I was thinking of getting a metal one but don't know if there's an effect of getting a heavier tappet plate.
  2. Hamolicious

    Tight bore barrels!?

    Damn right
  3. Hamolicious

    Tight bore barrels!?

    No I didnt mean it as a state of fact just I thought that for some reason, clearly I should have checked before posting.
  4. Hamolicious

    Tight bore barrels!?

    That's just what i though!? I have no idea why tho
  5. Hamolicious

    Tight bore barrels!?

    Recently I've been looking for a barrel extension and I've seen a lot of 6.01mm tight bore barrels and wanted to ask about them. On the packet of pretty much all BB bags it says 6mm-6.01mm precision therefore the 6.01 BB's will get stuck right, please explain!
  6. Hamolicious

    Where to get the part!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    the other side, opposote the mag catch, the button
  7. Hamolicious

    Where to get the part!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    no the problem is, is that its shape is kind of sharp and unpleasant to press
  8. Hi I got my new G33F (ICS) just today and found the mag catch was painful to press, started to search for a replacement and found nothing. If you had any experience or just know where to get one please help, I would like a smooth mag catch instead. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hamolicious

    Accurate guns for small people?

    i guess all synced if you now what i mean?!
  10. Hamolicious

    Accurate guns for small people?

    Thank you to all!!!!!
  11. I am in search of a small but accurate primary gun because I am a midget and I would love your help Thanks in advance!
  12. Hamolicious

    G&G mid cap mag feed issue on G&G CM16

    I had the same problem, it might be that the bb's get stuck parallel to each other inside the mag because the hole for the bb's is too wide therefore one wants to get fed but the one behind tries to do the same and they both get stuck, slapping the mag will shake the bb's therefore allowing a few more to escape until the same thing happens i hope i explained it well enough for you to understand!
  13. I have seen many people painting things such as wheel rims and other things using hydro graphics but haven't seen many people painting guns what are your thoughts?
  14. I am learning about the CZ-P09 GBB and I have found a part called the "piston block" if you know if it does anything except, well block the piston from escaping would appreciate some explanation . (PICTURE PART 15)