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  1. Hello, I'm thinking of building a pistol loadout and thought of playing with a tracer unit. Also I've been told many times that adding extra weight to a GBBP pistol is not good for performance (cycling, damage), but some ppl say the design of some pistols won't be affected by this problem. Does anyone know what are the best pistols to support a tracer unit, without performance loss? Any chances with P226s or Marui HiCapas 4.3? The new TM HK45 Tactical? Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the late answer, I was a bit busy. I tried with another brand and it's better! It still freezes a tad the bottom of the mag but it's better. Also I tried with brand new fill valves and the problem's still there. So you're probably right Samurai, it's probably due to the size of the gas bottle's valve! Thanks About adding a tiny O-ring, I read in some forums that it wasn't efficient because then the air can't go out and the mag won't be fully filled. Do you think it still worth it to add the O-ring?
  3. I tried lubing the o-ring but unfortunately it didn't work :/ So are you saying this pressure release valve has a problem? My mags are empty when I tried to fill them
  4. Hello guys, So I found two of my very old Tokyo Marui G17 magazines that I want to use. However, impossible to fill any of them correctly, some gas gets inside but most of it sprays everywhere outside (I tried with green gas btw). I know that TM filler valve are not silent and that's supposed to be normal, but not to the point where the mag freezes and my hand with it! I'll attach a picture so you guys get what I'm talking about. Obviously I opened the mags and greased/lubed them as they should be, so my guess would be that there's a problem with the filler valve? Both mags' valves could not survive through 7 years without maintenance (although without being used)? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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