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    I have a well mb03 bolt action sniper rifle Colt m4 carbine aeg and WE viruses gbb pistol
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  1. No worries the g&g low priced guns around £130 And can compete at a high level there a strong polymer body normally with a metal barrel the inners can take a lot of abuse and being a g&g very easy to upgrade & fix anything cheaper would probably lead to disappointment but that's from fellow airsofters expieriences I would also recommend getting a smart charger not one you get with a gun as they damage batteries in long run
  2. Wow been a long time since I was on lol but here goes I ended up getting a colt m4 carbine full metal that shoots 349 fps running 7.4v lipo rpm isn't to shabby if your looking for a cqb I recommend a g&g firehawk the noise it makes is very intimidating or any g&g as a starting platform because there probably best bang for your buck but I play in a woodlands site so my colt m4 is perfect for me it's been very reliable cost me £200 and I have only put a different hop up rubber (maple leaf) to great effect I also have an army l85a1 (lot of haters) but I got it heavily modded and at only £100 and shoots a nice 425fps I got it as a dmr hope that helps lol oh the site I play at offers a free skirmish pass if I spend £100 so look at the site your thinking of going see what sort of deals they can do for you
  3. I will be able to get black/tan grip and stock cheaply and to be fair im not one to sell something when finished/bored with it I would just keep and let my son use it when under supervision hes 5 and is nerf crazy so wouldnt be worth selling for that matter lol
  4. no offense taken buddy I must have a golf gti then lol
  5. I never said it had bad reviews lol just said they had pretty good reviews as a starting platform all I know is my colt has been nothing but a dream on my first skirmish had a great time its completely stock and was chronoed at 335 with hop set to optimum performance so opted to go .25g bbs that gave me more accuracy at range compared to .2s had a few seasonal pros gob smacked that as a stock gun performed so well only downside was rpm on stock battery 8.4v but I have 9.6v and bulldog charger on its way
  6. Ah well as long as it lasts me the time it takes to get ukara then I will get something better but G&G combat machine does have good reviews I give it that
  7. Yeh its cyma but they apparently have 2 factories one for cheaper and one for better stuff ive no issues with mine its accurate and powerful avg 335 fps little higher on full auto just rpm is low needs a 7.4v lipo I think
  8. Yeh thought about that by time I get it two tone battery and charger spare mag it cost more so got the colt m4a1 carbine plus fps was little higher 350 ish on .20s
  9. Still getting used to this site updated a pic of my recent purchas
  10. Apparently its an upgrade from the kings arms m4a1
  11. The bettery compartment on front the stock and handle lol all in clear plastic apparently has steel geers and fires up to 430fps 50-60 meter range with .20g as a dmr it sounds good but im a complete airsoft newbie (quick learning) at around £200 best description ive come across but descriptions are only that. Im pretty good with shooting currently hold an NFAS licence for archery I have a hand made english longbow and a white wolf recurve bow that I will be selling after I get ukara license to get a better rif so two tone is what I got to get
  12. Looking at getting one of these for a first aeg not many reveiws in the uk for these
  13. Sorry just saying if you want a toy then go for it lol
  14. Lol thanks been browsing for couple hours read loads of threads only used bbguns4less for budgeting reasons they have been good to me saying that they replaced my mb03 rifle free of charge after trigger mech jammed on me after 1000 or so rounds but will be loooking to get a reliable pre ukara skirmish aeg
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