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  1. I use these myself there not too bad fogging etc goggles&dpPl=1&dpID=41bq1glO14L&ref=plSrch
  2. I recently got the G&G CM16 WildHog it came installed with ETU & Mosfet priced at £190
  3. I got my G&G wildhog for £190 and i am happy with it
  4. Its showing 3 users in northern ireland but it just shows me ?
  5. I use the G&G m16 WildHog 13.5" installed with ETU & mosfet and iv a reflex sight on it which makes it all the sweeter, its a hell of a lot better than the Ak47 i started this with, the gun in my opinion is A+ everything about it the way it shoots, the reliability, accuracy, Rof, right down to even the feel of it i couldnt fault it, you do get what you pay for 👍
  6. My m16 mag is not feeding properly its not firing in semi or auto, any ideas how to fix this its the mag got with the gun

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    2. AirWalk-13


      Just get some new mags as you would need more anyway

    4. AirWalk-13


      Yea im grabbing a few more was just curious if anyone would have helped lol

  7. Im the only 1 in Northern Ireland on it so far lol
  8. Whats everyones prefernce for bb's and any reason why ? Im looking somewhere decent to get some

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    2. AirWalk-13


      Have any of you tried them G&G 1's? Been using rockets .25 in my WildHog but they dont even seem to get through a bit of light brush

    3. ImTriggerHappy


      The tracers from nuprol have always been ok. These are there new ones and made in a new factory and by all accounts excellent, I only fired 30ish rnds so not 100% sure yet. The post was meant to a bit of a mickey take though as they are £30 a bottle so ridiculous money. I haven't used them in anger yet but probably will do on Saturday.

    4. AirWalk-13


      Il have to give them a check to see mate, just needing something thatl get through a few bryers as i missed on on a few kills tge last time lol

  9. Can anyone recommend a good quality decently priced camera not too dear ?

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    2. PT247


      If it is for a scopecam or a headcam or even a facecam grab a Mobius, 1080p, battery lasts around 2 hours and they only cost £55. Only downside is they are not waterproof but they sell a rubber sheath for it.

    3. PT247


      I run Mobius mainly on my set up (Mobius2 as scopecam though as it is 60fps)


    4. AirWalk-13


      Ok thats brill guys ill give it a check here now

  10. Its already growing as we speak lol
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