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  1. I would also be interested in feedback regarding this company.
  2. I think the E&L is definitely where I am veering now. Looking around costwise I have found a few potentials in my price range. Again thanks for your advice and taking the time to type it out. It really is helpful!
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed response! I am not bothered about blow back, but other performance enhancing features are always welcome. The main reason I am looking for an AK is that I am starting Milsims soon and already have a high performing M4 platform. So I am looking for an AEG I can use when I play OpFor/Eastern bloc/Cartel etc.
  4. Ah maybe I was a little confusing there. I'm not after a Spetnaz AK per se, I was more meaning a modern AK platform with more of a, for want of a better word, "tactical" appearance with rails etc. unlike the good ol' wooden stock AK's. Thanks for the advice on those carbines, I hadn't even thought of them! What are your thoughts on the CYMA and G&G AKs I linked. Not worth it? Better to look for the E&Ls? Thanks, I'm looking at some of those now. Edit: Hmmmm. Those E&Ls do look VERY nice, might be a little more than I was looking for cost wise, was aiming more for £300 - £400.
  5. Following on from this discussion I am also looking to get myself a new AK platform and the information here has been very useful, thanks! I am looking more towards a 74, as not being the tallest bloke in the world I don't need a massive rifle to wield (I have Krytac CRB and that's perfect for me). I don't want to fork out for a Real Sword, but the LCTs interest me. I was initially looking at something along the lines of a G&G AEG RK74-E with ETU or CYMA CM.076A AK Full Metal Tactical. How do these stack up against the LCTs? Most of the LCTs I have found here seem to be around £220-£240, whereas the G&G is £280. Is the G&G better? I am not looking bothered about the rifle being an absolute replicas, if something is not 100% real steel accurate it doesn't bother me, but the build quality and performance does (although I would likely upgrade the barrel, spring and hop up upgrade anyway). I do like the more modern SF Spetnaz tactical look though. Thanks in advance!
  6. Update: figured out what the problem was. As I didn't have a garden to test fire my pistol in, I was test firing point blank into a pillow in the house. I don't know why exactly, but doing this the gun only fired half a mag. Firing normally at a distance target the pistol fires a full mag with plenty of gas left over. Just glad it all works properly. I might still get those O rings though, @Duff
  7. Thanks for the advice, any advice on the best O ring to get?
  8. Hi guys I am after a bit of advice please. I have a TM P226 E2 with 3 magazines, brand new and stock. Each magazine can hold 25 BBs but I can't seem to get enough gas in the magazines to to fire all the BBs (0.25s). I am using Abbey Red Predator Gas. I have looked into this a bit already and this is my routine: 1) I first vent the mags, clearing them out of any air pockets by firing gas through the mag with the valve release held down. Mag is held pointing perfectly downwards in line with the valve entry and the gas canister above it vertically (so gas discharges straight out the top of the mag which is pointing towards the floor). 2) I then fill the mags, again with the mag pointing perfectly downwards and the gas canister perfectly in line with the valve. 3) After a some seconds of filling the mag starts to spit gas at the gas entry valve, which I understand means it is full? 4) I fire the mags and get maybe 10 shots if I am lucky. I have tried over filling the mags for a bit whilst wearing gloves so I can handle the freezing spit but I still get maybe 10 shots. I have put gas loaded mags in a bowl of water and none of them are leaking. I have read a bit about O rings being something I need to fit? If anyone can give me some pointers because I am at my wits ends with these things!
  9. Indeed. The reason is as a quick check test to if the patient needs more plus or minus. The duochrome is not 100% accurate but we can use it as a guideline for which route the refraction needs to take. As for your pseudoquantum binary refraction theory, well, there's no harm in trying right?
  10. Bought a couple of lens protectors from them last week. Spoke to a guy called Bill who was very helpful helping me with the right sizes to fit my scopes. Order arrived as promised with items as described. I'd happily order from the again.
  11. Billbo

    Patrol Base

    Ordered a rail riser and some Krylon. Not the most complicated order I'll admit, but it turned up on time and as promised so I'm happy. I'd shop there again.
  12. Ordered some of their tactical gear. Good price, fast delivery and the gear seems to be of good quality. I'd happily order from them again.
  13. Ordered some rail covers via phone. Good price, fast delivery and items arrived with no hassle. I'd happily order from them again .
  14. Ordered a few things from them and they all arrived on time as promised. Only mistake was that they sent out a pistol speed loader when I ordered a larger one (they had only charged me for the smaller one). Called them they were very apologetic. Said if I sent it back they would send the right one. Didn't charge me the difference. Although I suppose I did have to pay postage for that, but it still came out cheaper overall. Ultimately everyone makes mistakes sometimes and the key point is they they sorted theirs quickly and with no hassle. I'd happily order from them again.
  15. Interesting. Thanks again for the advice.
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