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  1. That looks alright to be honest, especially with the asking price. Only thing is, I never find use for chest rigs. Only have a few mags; and until the day comes when I get a camel bag, I need a couple of pouches for canteens. I've been playing around with my webbing and I find it's a lot better having the belt with ammo and utility pouches on the side, connected to a shoulder holster. Druid was right, removing the yoke is a lot better.
  2. Yeah I always felt them to be too bulky and fiddly, especially when adjusting the straps.
  3. Thanks for post druid, you seem to know your stuff. I actually have the vest but I'm not that keen on it, and as for the webbing I have thought about downsizing as I find it hard most around sometimes. I'll have to check out the belt kit. Interesting note, I live in Hereford. Maybe that's why I'm going for the special forces look. Also I understand that the British army never used the drum mags but I just couldn't resist. That's just for my benefit. The m16 looks so bad arse with it! If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a spray and pray guy
  4. I've been airsofting for almost 7 years now, on and off, and after acquiring my most recent RIF; I've decided to upload a few photos of my current loadout. It's supposed to imitate that of the British SAS. Got inspiration from Call of duty and ultimate force. Here's what what I have so far. I use the discontinued DPM camo (MTP sucks) smock and trousers, fleece for cold conditions, fingerless gloves and a shemagh or scrim scarf. Over my uniform is the 95 pattern webbing with a 40L patrol pack for my extra equipment. My weapons consist of either a G&P M16 with an under barrel m203 and a 2500rnd drum magazine, or an A&k FN Minimi if I'm playing the role of support gunner. My sidearm is a Sig P229 (Really want a Browning high power though) Finally I use a Motorola UHF Radio with a throat or ear mic depending on my loadout. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. Hi everyone.So I did airsofting for a few years in school and college but soon found i didn't have the time and grew apart from the friends I went with.however I've recently decided to get back into it and was looking for anyone in the surrey area, near guildford to go with. I drive and am available most weekends. Cheers.
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