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    src m4 ris
    Tokyo marui g3sas
    lonex l4-baw-spr
    we sword cutlass (dual wield soon)
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    Woodland nbc
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    Delta team 3 ormskirk
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    Cars, detailing, and as much time with my kids as I can do.
  1. karl_liverpool

    CQB setup.

    My unknown brand m9 doesn't cope well on co2 one shot and it leaks like auto fire on next trigger pull. but great on gas.
  2. karl_liverpool

    Ares 007 or baby honey badger?

    Airsoft like anything else is personal preference. If we all liked the same it would be white. I have had tm and Bo dynamics high end gun. Both of which were sold and i now have a fallen battle machine and two pistols which works for me and how i play. To op good on u going ur own way instead of following the crowd. The same sort of thinking exists in the car detailing community. Sometimes high price doesn't mean loads better. It just marks people as brand snobs or kit wankers if u slate someone for their preference.
  3. karl_liverpool

    Co2 or Gas magazines

    Not had any issues with my cutlass on co2 always been fine for playing cqb. First shot i always let off to the floor. And it Chrono's just on 340 then. But its average is about 320.
  4. karl_liverpool

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/ACOG-Style-1x32-Red-Green-Dot-Sight-w-Iron-Sights-for-Airsoft-FULL-METAL-Scope-/222242237682?txnId=1816053567012 I just got this for my valken it works very well.
  5. karl_liverpool

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    The 20 quid red/green dots on ebay work great.
  6. karl_liverpool

    Being scammed?

    It does sound like he switched it from a business sale by the contact on personal Facebook. But as he still represents the shop he runs at the site and the site has a deal with him to be there. I would mention it to the site owners if you don't get anywhere with him. Never know how many people he has turned over like that in past who haven't said anything.
  7. karl_liverpool

    first time buying airsoft eye protection

    It does mate yes. Reduced the interference by half.
  8. karl_liverpool

    Best CQB guns?

    For 180 you could get an entry level valken or g&g which will work well for cqb or outdoor and two of those pistols. The price doesn't reflect on the actual thing. Used mine twice heavily in cqb and no issues with them. I had an src myself it worked ok for a bit then fell apart starting with wiring ended up with all new internals.
  9. karl_liverpool

    Best CQB guns?

    For fun u can seriously rattle the shots out too. Poke finger through trigger and slide back and forth. Amazed me how fast u can fire them.
  10. karl_liverpool

    Best CQB guns?

    I have two of the same 16 euro pistols for back ups lol. for the price they are surprisingly decent.
  11. karl_liverpool

    Best CQB guns?

    Paint it is in UK bud. Until you have registration or another legal defence.
  12. karl_liverpool

    To nuprol or not to nuprol

    That would explain the faster cooling of the mag.
  13. karl_liverpool

    Best CQB guns?

    Depends on the pistol. Non blow back can do 5 bb fills per gas fill. I have two plastic nbb m92's for back up quieter but same power just feel flimsy. Blow back uses a portion of the gas to cycle so is less efficient.i can do two full fills on my cutlass per gas fill. But rapid fire reduces that to around 1 and half.
  14. karl_liverpool

    To nuprol or not to nuprol

    Co2 performs better for me. But judging on the pop and the blow back feeling its close to if not more bang than red gas.
  15. karl_liverpool

    Best CQB guns?

    Pretty much mate yes. 20 quid walk on 10 quid for rentals. Woodland is a 30 acre site. If u want to add Me on Facebook i can add u to their group. I will inbox u my info. They announce all dates of games on the page.