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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hey. On the look out for a TM MK23 or TM G18C pistol package. Let me know what you have. Im based just north of Birmingham but am willing to travel some.


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for an evo package and before I go and buy new I thought I’d see if anything is available. Looking for a package to include •Scorpion SMG standard or upgraded but must be working, sub 350fps and in good condition. Box preferable but not necessary. •Carry case preferably the evo soft case. • 2-6 mags don’t mind the hicaps but prefer the midcap 75rnd (smoke mags are fine too) happily consider mag pouches too. • Correct battery and possibly a charger. Let me know if you have something and we can negotiate specifics thanks SS


    Birmingham. - GB

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    So I ordered my SSG24 on Feb 17th and it arrived Mid May. It has the M140 spring installed which is advertised as 490fps. Brand new, never been skirmished or had a B.B. chambered or magazine loaded. this is the current model and the same one being shipped at the moment. Located in Tamworth so the midlands and I’d rather cash/collection but postage could be arranged at buyers cost. Think ive included everything, if you have any questions shoot me a PM.


  4. Silver_surfer

    Bad gas?

    I've been having no end of performance problems with my ASG CZ75 sp01 shadow. Not cycling fully - leaving the chamber unloaded and only half cocking the hammer. I though I was suffering from cool down (after 4 shots) I assumed it it was just weather - then that got better and the gun did not. I would carry the mag in my pocket to try and warm it up and it would work for a while. Then on my last skirmish one of my squaddies refilled his G18 mags from my gas can (nuprol red that I only bought Christmas) and he suffered the same issue. His extended worked fine (filled from his gas can) So is it possible that my gas is bad? Probably worth trying a different can next outing.
  5. The Bren and the Scorpion are nothing alike. The evo is pretty advanced. Far more so than anything else that ASG make. I had had one and it was a beaut! my friend bought the Bren (short) at the same time. He is very happy with it and it shoots great, been perfectly reliable on the 4 or 5 full day games.
  6. I think mine is an older one, SN is like 4000 and something the velocity screw is currently wound all the way in and it has a "mad bull tight bore Vll" inner barrel and some hop mods done by the previous owner. Comparing it it to my green gas pistol (250fps?? St this sort of temp) the BB's move a lot faster.
  7. Thanks - that's better found them now.
  8. I have my first game day on Sat with the Tippy, I have no idea what the FPS is going to turn out.
  9. Any particular reason you sold yours Spoon?
  10. Is that the Canada group? Seems to be the only one my FB searches find? FB is good, but it's doesn't archive like a forum does and I do do like having this stuff on forums, Creates a one stop for current and new users. There is an asg scorpion evo thread and it's super useful for info fon my first AEG - and to avoid asking questions that have already been answered. Ive just been reading a super useful one on here about FPS and joule creep, but until I opened it up I had no idea they were largly talking about Tippmanns. Id say that a lot of people starting out on HPA (- like me) are going to get this to pop their cherry.
  11. Is there an Owners area on here? Ive just bought one and there are lots of little bits of info but couldn't find a one-stop thread. Many of us on here?
  12. HPA would only be worth it if it was GBB, you don't need the tunabillity on an SMG as it's always going serve that sweet spot of 320fps and close to medium quarters. Just swapped my scorpion for a Tippmann M4 and GBB is awesome.
  13. How are we feeling about the Two new versions coming out? Carbine looks cool - but I'm not sure there will be much advantage. HPA version has me salivating though! Would be ace if it was a GBB Scorpion!
  14. Wow. Just started getting into this for a project. Been playing with tinkercad (first time on any type of Cad software) for the last hour! Fml you guys must have some skills! Any tips? Or better yet anyone help me create a hand guard for an M4? To cover a keymod rail system? Looking to build a dead shot AR 15.
  15. Ok. I've added you as a friend on here. And I'll shoot you a PM
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