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  1. thank you for your reply I am very stupid sometimes
  2. Finger was on the trigger applying pressure. It was about 6 shots. Also thanks for quick reply
  3. So I was adjusting my hopup on my CM16 raider, and I accidentally shot full auto whilst adjusting it. Would this damage the hopup at all?
  4. Out of greengas!

  5. I have run out of green gas, magazine has no gas in it. Ordered green gas (should arrive for monday) Would this silicon spray do for the time being?
  6. Do you know why it would eat the o rings? I have run out of green gas and the new green gas will arrive monday. And my gbb magazine has not a single drop of green gas in it!
  7. http://www.screwfix.com/p/floplast-silicone-spray-40ml/3290f?_requestid=179465#product_additional_details_container
  8. I suppose added the added weight could slow me down. I am just going to get some mags now :-)
  9. That would be the one I would get most likely. I like to keep the same branding if it came to purchasing one. I think TM mags are compatible. But I will just stay with WE for this purchase.
  10. Skirmish in a few weeks.

  11. I suppose I could get a few, they are quite cheap. (compared to the backup pistol)
  12. I don't have much tactical clothing, so the extended mag might stick out of my camo jacket? I find that the standard mag fits just alright in my pocket. Does it have much of a difference in weight than a standard mag?
  13. Is Abbey predator gas or Nuprol 2.0 better? At the moment I am using Nuprol 2.0 green gas. Should I buy some abbey gas when I run out of Nuprol because abbey gas seems to be a bit more affordable?
  14. Just the pistol at the moment, I hope to get a AEG in the future.
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