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  1. Update - After seeing me airsofting yesterday at my local site, my stepdad who was against returning to the sport has finally given in! He's making a return and is purchasing rifles accordingly & getting his UKARA registration in order!
  2. Not going to happen, I assure you Sacarathe XD
  3. Long story short, real father from the forces has agreed to play with me until he gets UKARAd even though it's awkward for me to get across the country to him to play - he's going to buy the rifle in black and give it to me once he's registered. /thread
  4. ik0uuu

    Krytak CRB

    Further note, if I was going to do that, why would I go to the effort of buying new parts? I'd just buy some acetone or re-spray it myself.
  5. ik0uuu

    Krytak CRB

    https://gyazo.com/08f8769e8bcad9d1cc5d734583e8ad46 Yes! That's exactly what I'm doing! Considering the BARREL and RECEIVER are what are being painted? Honestly, you and your assumptions.
  6. ik0uuu

    Krytak CRB

    Anyone know where I can get the Krytac stock and the rail (handguard piece)? Looked everywhere on the internet and can't seem to find anywhere that sells them!
  7. Apologizing for the triple post -- ImTriggerHappy, funny how me wishing to enjoy the sport and trying to find a means of doing so is allowing you to make judgements about my character, though.
  8. Like I said ImTriggerHappy, you can't read.. "to my guardian". Did I ever say sell it to me? Nope.
  9. Pretty sure you misunderstood me ImTriggerHappy, and turning me away from the sport because you mis-understood? Right.. okay - I think you're more of the type of player that we don't need in airsoft - rude. I'm not even going to try to explain what I was saying - what you said wasn't what I was getting at.
  10. In addition to my above post, the seller technically isn't breaking the law either - I have valid defence... I AM an airsofter - UKARA is only ONE form of defence. With this in mind I'd even be willing to have something set up with a seller here for them to buy a new Krytac Trident CRB with the intention of selling it to my guardian who can gift it to me - perfectly legal. I'm also sure that my guardian would be happy to pay slightly more than you did originally, all things considered.
  11. I'd love to buy second hand - but nobody seems to sell without a valid UKARA registration on these forums, or other forums. If anyone knows of anyone looking to part with a Krytac Trident CRB I'd be glad to purchase it from them for more than it's worth second hand.
  12. Cropzy, thanks for your post - it really wasn't very constructive. Why should I wait until I'm eighteen when it's perfectly legal for me to own one if it's been gifted to me? I suppose you wouldn't know how annoying it is to have spent over £600 hiring kit simply because I'm not allowed to buy one.
  13. A brief introduction -- My name is Drew and I've been airsofting for almost 2 years now at my local airsoft field by hiring kit. I'm sixteen, and the price of hiring gear is really starting to annoy me, considering I could've bought several of my own with the amount I've spent on hiring. The problem? I'm sixteen. Unfortunately, after being introduced to airsoft by my stepfather who quit the sport when UKARA came into existence, I've developed a real love for the sport. However, he doesn't have any plans to return. Due to the fact that a large part of the fun in airsoft to me is the immersion, two tones really aren't appealing to me. I'm at a loss as to how I might be able to get my hands on my own rifles, mainly due to the fact that my stepfather doesn't plan to come back to the sport, meaning he can't purchase one to gift to me as he isn't registered with UKARA. Any suggestions? At first this was just an itch. Now it's really starting to annoy me, and it's actually detracting from the enjoyment of the sport I've come to love over the last few years.
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