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  1. thanks for all your input guy's, I personally prefer the longer barrel, Looking forward to these pics Jason
  2. Fantastic thanks, what's the deal with barrel lengths? I understand a bit more length gives maybe more accuracy, but from what i've seen the barrel can be shortened anyway and the muzzle flash be back applied, so why would you ever buy the carbine? and some pic's of your M4 would be great!
  3. Hey, yeah i swayed towards the GHK after watching all the youtube stuff. any must do mods with the GHK? any other colour options other than black? thanks,
  4. yeah exactly that.... have you done anything similar?
  5. Thanks, I'll hit you tube with that info and decide for myself. I guess the average Joe ( me Included) wouldn't tell the difference with a GHK to the real thing anyway thanks guy's, much appreciated.
  6. one off or? I heard they were hands down the best built
  7. Found this vid.... pretty much sum's up them all. Can anybody tell me any sure benefits to the Inokatsu? any sure benefits to the GHK? and again, Inokatsu available in the UK? thanks,
  8. Thanks for the input, can you expand a little,I'm set on the looks of the M4. and I need me that metal body! thanks,
  9. Hey Guy's, new here from Air Rifles... just looking for info on the best all round GBB M4 available in the UK? Done a few searches but all seem's to be old info? I hear the Inokatsu is good but not sure if it's available in the UK? and not sure how the GHK compares ? I'm looking for most realistic and a good noise! thanks
  10. Amazing work! would it be the same cost to just give a rifle a slight distressed look?
  11. Hey Guy's, new to the forum, just saying Hi... I'm just on with converting from air rifles and looking for that excitement that airsoft gives! Which are the proffered locations in south yorkshire? ta, Ben
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